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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The babbling of idiots

You know, it's kind of amusing to listen to people like Max Boot and Michelle Malkin babble about shit they do not understand.

But I have fucking had it.

When people use the comparisons to Vietnam, they miss one central point. The US ALWAYS had enough combat power to save their asses in a jam. John Paul Vann made a NVA battalion disappear under a sea of Arc Light strikes outside Pleiku in 1972.

Twisted motherfucker that he was, he had the power of the US behind him.

Look at the ridiculous fucking debate we're having: whether to attack Sadr or not. Uh, why are we telling him this? Because no one around speaks English? What if the Sunni and the Sadrists say "fuck Bush, let's attack first"

We're telling him we're coming for him. Why wouldn't he strike first?

We do not have the practical power to make JAM disappear. If they come hard, we could be fucked. Just by attacking the roads north of Basra could turn this into a fiasco. One unit defection would cripple this entire plan.

Imagine the impact of an Iraqi unit walking away from their US trainers and declairing their loyalty to the Sadrist movement.

We are talking brigades when we need to discuss divisions which we don't have.

What if Sadr just kills his rivals before Bush's incompetent plotting takes effect. What happens then?

Kagan, Kristol, all these assclowns who precidict easy victory, even now, don't get that the US could leave Iraq with thousands more dead and Sadr in charge.

This is the worst option, the worst plan, and the media reports it as if it isn't insane. Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck is wrong with these people. Bush was clearly being led to leave Iraq, he now has given the entire country a massive fuck you.

Sistani, timid until the end, stupidly draws a line against Sadr as if he's a neer do well. He is anything but.

Failure. Do these people think of how to plan for failure? No, they fail and ignore it.

Bush cannot survive this. He will not see 2008 as president. He will be forced from office in disgrace. He has created a confrontation, and this Congress will have to meet it or hand him a crown and walk away.

posted by Steve @ 6:28:00 PM

6:28:00 PM

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