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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About Obama

Running for what? Better look in the mirror,

Obama Meets Party Donors in New York


At the news conference afterward, asked about the fatal shooting by police officers in Queens last month, Mr. Obama said his view was similar to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s: that the details were still under investigation, but that the 50 shots fired by police seemed “excessive.”

Given the power and firearms of the police, he added, Americans expected them to act with restraint, and “99 percent of the time they do.” “This may be one of the times when they didn’t,” he said.

Restraint? They just shot an 88 year old woman in her home in Atlanta. They are desperately searching for a fourth man which doesn't exist. And he's got the nerve to talk about restraint?

Why didn't he seek to meet with the family? What the fuck does he think his job is? He's not just the senator from Illinois.

He's been running from his role as a spokesman for black America for way too long. People bitch and moan about Sharpton, but when people like Harold Ford and Obama have to choose between what is right and their ambition, they too often choose their ambition. It is unimaginable that the ONLY black senator in the US Senate can spend his tine sucking up to potential white backers, but doesn't show his face in Queens. Adam Clayton Powell is rolling in his grave. Spinning.

When is he going to stand up for black America. I don't care that he wants to meet with a bunch of racist fundies, he needs to remember who he really serves.

Sen. Obama's main goal has been to avoid offending anyone. And now he's bitching about Daily Kos, like he's gonna get volunteers elsewhere. But fuck all that.


You represent black America. Not just Chicago, not just Illinois. It isn't just about your personal ambition. How dare you come to New York and not visit the Bell family and their supporters. That mealy mouth bullshit WILL NOT FLY. If you don't stand with us NOW, we will not stand with you later.

Let the DC crowd bullshit you. It sounds nice. But you always have to come home. You would do well to make sure the door is open.

This is a litmus test. Remain silent on this, do not come back to black America for support. Your silence on Katrina is bad enough, but now it's time for you either to stand up or step aside. Because at the end of the day, you're still a black man in America, and you better act like you will stand up for your people. Because if you don't, Senator may be hard to hold on to, forget the White House.

posted by Steve @ 2:36:00 AM

2:36:00 AM

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