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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You have shamed us

Loser Michael Steele

Loser Ken Blackwell

Loser Lynn Swann

Dear Losers,

Did you think it would end any other way? Did you think it would end with the white folks hosting you on their shoulders and smiling at you? Did you think you were the special negro who would prove you weren't like us?

Ken Blackwell lost in a landslide, as did Lynn Swann. Steele lied and played on his skin color to make it far closer than his record had any right to make it.

You shame our forefathers, those who died in the Crater, on San Juan Hill, in the Argonne, in the Battle of the Bulge, in the streets of Alabama. They did not make their sacrifices so you could sell out your people for personal gain. They didn't survive bullets, poison gas and the deadliest winter in a century so you could preen and strut about for the people who have dedicated their lives to making our lives harder.

People did not flee from dogs so you could append your lips to the asses of your white patrons.

When people made those sacrifices, it was so a black man could walk the street without fear or shame. That he could walk into an office and get a job without losing his dignity. That he could live in a home and be left in peace. Not so you could shuck and jive your way into office.

Lynn Swann: When Franco Harris backed Ed Rendell, did you understand how over your head you were. The whites whispering in your ear, playing to your ego, sent you out to lose, because there was no reason for you to run. Government is not something you can do on the fly. A few catches doesn't earn the trust of the sick and needy. You blamed the Democrats for ignoring blacks, so how much support did the GOP give you, besides using you for a prop?


Michael Steele: you sir, are a clown, a well dressed clown. You only got to run for Senate because you had black skin to offer your white patrons. At no point have you ever stood with black people, protected them. Instead, like the lowest race hustling slug, you lied about your party affiliation, who supported you, everything you could.


Because you are a mediocre man, a man who serves the needs of others, even at the cost of his dignity. You solicited criminals, shucked and jived for Bush and lied on your own people for your own personal gain. You have earned this defeat and the return to ignominy that you deserve.

Ken Blackwell: Of all the defeats on election night, yours was the sweetest, the one I most relished. Why? Because you spit in the face of our collective past to serve your masters in Washington. You aligned yourself with insane religious reactionaries. You used the most base attacks on your opponents.

You denied blacks the right to vote, but in the end, what did it get you, a crushing defeat, where whites ran from you and your fundie friends. You betrayed our collective legacy for personal gain. And you found out exactly what they thought about you, a 23 point loss, a landslide. You were not going to run Ohio, because despite how they smiled in your face, you were still less than them, beneath them, not fit to lead them.

And now, we're done with you. Slink away, you gollums, chasing a ring you'll never have, and no longer pollute our public discourse.

posted by Steve @ 8:06:00 AM

8:06:00 AM

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