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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why is George Allen a filthy liar?

Why I just loves the coloreds

Va. Senator blames scuffle on Dem. foe

By BOB LEWIS, Associated Press Writer Wed Nov 1, 10:08 PM ET

LEESBURG, Va. - Republican Sen. George Allen (news, bio, voting record) on Wednesday refused to denounce his supporters' manhandling of a liberal blogger a day earlier, accusing his Democratic opponent of provoking the videotaped incident.

The scuffle lingered as both Allen and Democrat Jim Webb entered the final week of their bitter and sometimes bizarre campaign. Polls show it to be a close race that could help determine if the GOP retains its U.S. Senate majority.

Webb, campaigning in Richmond, said he knew nothing of the incident Tuesday in which men wearing blue Allen lapel stickers put University of Virginia law student W. Michael Stark in a choke hold and slammed him to the floor after an Allen rally at a Charlottesville hotel.

Allen blamed Webb's campaign, not his supporters, for the incident.

"It was typical of the Webb campaign, wanting to provoke an incident," Allen said. He did not say why he believes the Webb campaign provoked the stunt.

Webb denied involvement.

"I don't even know what happened yesterday. I don't even know this individual. But I certainly regret the conduct of certain people there yesterday," Webb said.
Fucking coward.

I don't think Jim Webb needs other people to do his dirty work for him. If he wanted to confront George Allen, he would. It's Allen who has to hide behind other people, and use them. Jim Webb's character is a matter of public record, unfortunately for Allen, so is his.

I hope his supporters have good lawyers, because when they're all sued civilly, the former Senator will have to explain his actions and the actions of his former employees.

I guess the good senator wishes he had a dog or two to sick on Mike, maybe a firehose. Which is the way cowards used to squash dissent in the South.

But Mike doesn't work for the Webb campaign and all of his actions have been independent. He just thinks George Allen needs to leave public life.

Every bad thing which has happened to Allen is his own fucking fault. Not three months ago, Webb had alienated many black voters, was not raising money and had pissed off a lot of liberals in Virginia. Now, he's likely to be the state's next senator. Why? Because George Allen is a loathesome man, even his own sister is scared of him. It just took people willing to dig out the man's dirt and discuss it. That's all.

posted by Steve @ 1:57:00 AM

1:57:00 AM

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