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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 17, 2006

What we have here is a failure to communicate

UCLA Police Taser Student in Powell

Wow, I thought they only did that to black people in LA? Oh, he was a Muslim, so obviously he needed to be treated with violence by rent-a-cops.

What does UCLA think happens next? The US Attorney calls or they have a civil rights law suit? Because no story the rent a cops are gonna tell is gonna sound any better than the cops who beat Reginald Rodney King came up with.

Then they threaten the other students with assault for asking questions. Ah, this sounds like a problem for the Governor and the state to me.

Even if he was a smarmy asshole, tasing him was a total overreaction and almost caused a riot.

What I love are all the assholes saying he got what he deserved. Which means, when these guys get drunk and riot at the next Bruins-Trojans game, they should also get tased. What I think is that this is reserved for brown people. Disobey and get tased.

The rent-a-cops got puffed up and then acted like he was some kind of threat because he didn't bow to their too-stupid-to-be-a-real-cop asses. Since this is a state school, the liability here could be serious

posted by Steve @ 1:57:00 AM

1:57:00 AM

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