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Monday, November 06, 2006

We're coming for you next

NARAL: Lying for Lieberman


I guess it should be no surprise that Nancy Keenan and the national NARAL PAC are lying to Connecticut voters on behalf of Joe Lieberman. They endorsed him even after he voted for cloture on Samuel Alito and came out against CT NARAL's signature issue of last year (trying to require all publicly funded hospitals to provide Plan B contraception to rape victims — Joe famously said that after being raped they were free to take a "short ride" to another hospital if they wanted to).

But let's not pretend this is a "mistake." Keenan and NARAL are fully aware of Ned Lamont's position on pro-choice and Plan B contraception, which are considerably less Stone Age than Short Ride Lieberman's. And yet on their map of pro-choice candidates state-by-state, they list as the only pro-choice Senate candidate in Connecticut — Joe Lieberman.

And it's not like they don't know there's a problem with the map. The problem was pointed out to them last week by the same readers who alerted me, and they've done nothing to correct it.

NARAL is also endorsing Republicans Rob Simmons and Nancy Johnson in CT, and as Katha Pollitt points out, this is insanity. Or it would be to anyone actually interested in defending a woman's right to choose in this country. I'm just not convinced this is Keenan's top priority, and I think with good reason.

Lieberman is an asshole, but he's one asshole. NARAL is shafting a lot of people with their tactics.

You think the blogs have shaken up politics, wait until we turn on the useless advocacy groups.

You have stabbed us in the back for the last time. If you aren't responsive to local needs, we will MAKE you responsive to local needs.

posted by Steve @ 3:12:00 PM

3:12:00 PM

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