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Friday, November 03, 2006


CT-Sen: Lieberman thugs, GOP-style
by kos

So Lieberman gets his political advice from Rove, takes GOP money, campaigns with Republican candidates, is now mailing a direct mail piece that is all about me and how horrible Daily Kos is, and is using Republican talking points.

So how else could he be just like his new Republican Friends? Oh, I know, start acting like thugs!

Remember the primary when Joe sent his staffers to Ted's in Meriden to start a fight with Ned and campaign staff? Well ... they are at it again.

Today at an event in Hartford, at a senior center, Joe "volunteers" swarmed the "stand up for change" bus and pressed their bodies against the vehicle, not allowing the doors to open and anyone to exit.

When the bus moved and the door was partially opened for Ned and staff, Joe's "volunteers" rushed the bus again, violently screaming in the door. Ned was never able to make it off the bus and into the senior center.

Those aren't actions of a campaign that is confident and en route to victory.

Cue Lieberman whining about those mean Lamont and Schlesinger fellows.

Oddly, Lieberman's out-of-sync ads have been all over New York TV. In them, he's saying he can work with Republicans and that Lamont doesn't have experience, and that he's a one-issue candidate.

posted by Steve @ 3:04:00 PM

3:04:00 PM

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