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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is funny

You mean this isn't Mark Halperin in drag

Mark Halperin Sets The Record Straight

My friend Mark Halperin asked me to post this open letter to blogger Duncan Black, aka "Atrios":

Dear Duncan,

I really enjoyed your posts about me and I appreciate the opportunity to provide entertainment to someone I respect so much.

I have gotten a lot of negative feedback, mostly from liberals, including this reaction on Unclaimed Territory.

But, as I have said to you privately, I am beginning to think you are intellectually dishonest on a few points. It seems strange that someone who seems to be trying to bring truth to people would do such a thing, but I can't really explain your behavior any other way. As I said to Hugh Hewitt, you and I disagree on almost everything. On most of the points of agreement, I disrespect your position and thus my own, and plan to modify my beliefs in accord.

But on two points in particular, you seem to be purposefully avoiding the truth.

These three paragraphs of your posting I find really offensive.

"I've always really disliked Mark Halperin, but now I just pity him. I really wonder what kind of psychological development he had in life which has led him get down on his knees and beg for the approval of... Hugh Hewitt.

"More than that, he's the political director of ABC news. Last I checked it's a rather important time for such news. And he's spending his time crafting whining emails to a conservative hack radio host? There's no better use of his time 7 days before an election?

"Imagine how embarrassed his friends, family, and coworkers must be for him. What a pathetic shell of a human being."

You have also posted numerous postings about the interview I did with Papa Be^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Bill O'Reilly -- and how I said "If I were a conservative, I understand why I would feel suspicious that I was not going to get a fair break at the end of an election. We’ve got to make sure we do better, so conservatives don’t have to be concerned about that." Among the things I did NOT say, and I would never advocate, is that I was "your liberal media hard at work being conservative." I am not "your liberal media" and I strongly resent the characterization. Nor am I "The Biggest Loser in the World." That would be my brother Gary. Are you purposefully disregarding my plain language? I would ask your readers to review that portion of the interview and not have their minds closed by you and others who have mischaracterized what I said.

As for your repeated insistence that you could reach no other conclusion but one that says that I am "a wanker," I'm sure if you think it over, you will reconsider. You went to a liberal school and you appear to be anti-onanist. And I am sure you have heard of people having different onanistic views than their siblings (my brother Gary is a "wanker").

Again, I respect much about you, but I am mystified by your determination to lump me in with others. Acknowledging the liberal bias that exists in the Old Media -- as John Harris and I do in The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008 doesn't necessarily prove that I am not a "wanker," but I would think you would be open to giving me the benefit of the doubt, when you have no actual evidence to the contrary.

If you plan to once again make things up and insult me in a tag to this posting (which you were kind enough to offer) please let me know.

And I'm still waiting for the offer to appear again on your blog. I hope you will do a posting on me again soon, using less "humiliating" language.

Thanks so much,

Mark Halperin

posted by Steve @ 3:32:00 PM

3:32:00 PM

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