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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things to understand about Iraq

Since people may be confused let me explain a few things

He is the most powerful man in Iraq today.

His name is Moqtada Al-Sadr. His daddy was
killed by Saddam. Millions follow him

He cannot control all those who fight in his name

He is the commander of US forces in Iraq.

His name is John Abizaid.

He cannot protect anyone in Iraq, not even
US troops

This is the ambassador. See the men with him.
They are his mercenary bodyguard

Without them, he would be killed by many
Iraqis. They might even remove his head.

He is the powerless prime minister.

His name is Maliki

In reality, he answers to the man with the
turban, Sadr

He is a drunk.

His name is Christopher Hitchens

He likes the war. He likes it a lot.

He drinks to support it, he talks
to support it, he even insults to
support it.

He does not fight to support it.

This is a burning pipeline. Iraq has a lot of
oil. A great deal of oil

But they keep blowing up the pipelines.

Why? Because without oil, there is no
money, and if there is no money,
Maliki can do very little

They are the guerrillas.

They kill Americans

They kill Iraqis.

No one can stop them

He is an Iraqi policeman

We think he works for Sadr, like the prime
minister. We think he protects Shia.

We think the Shia kill their neighbors
when they feel like it.

This is the Iraqi Army

We think they work for Sadr as well, and may
also kill their neighbors at will

They are American soldiers.

They are supposed to stop the killing.

They cannot

They are Iraqi civilians

Everyone kills them

posted by Steve @ 2:11:00 AM

2:11:00 AM

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