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Monday, November 06, 2006

They working as hard as they can

Tommorow, we vote

White House miffed by Fla. GOP candidate

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer Mon Nov 6, 5:58 PM ET

PENSACOLA, Fla. - The closer the election came to the finish line, the more
President Bush's aides battled the perception he was doing his party as much harm as good and was unwanted in many districts.

On Monday, Bush jetted to a conservative corner of Florida's Panhandle, about as far as he could get from the state's three in-play House districts. To the White House's embarrassment and irritation, Republican Charlie Crist, whom Bush came to help in his bid to succeed the president's brother as governor, decided at the last minute to skip the chance to be by the president's side.

In a speech bracketed by raucous foot-stomping to country music and an explosion of metallic red-white-and-blue confetti, Bush won cheers for applauding
Saddam Hussein's conviction, lambasting Democrats on the war on terror and accusing the opposition party of plotting to raise taxes.

"The Democrat philosophy is this: If it breathes, tax it, and if it stops breathing, find its children and tax them," Bush shouted.

Next up was Arkansas, where Republican Asa Hutchinson remained well behind in his race to keep that governor's mansion in Republican hands. Still Bush was upbeat.

"You know, I knew we were going to finish strong," Bush told supporters gathered in an airplane hangar with Air Force One parked outside. "I knew that we were going to come roarin' into Election Day because we've got the right position on taxes, we've got the right position on what it takes to protect you from attack."

Charlie Crist is probably going to lose because people think he's lying about being gay. He needed Bush's help. But what he did is unprecidented, run from Bush like he was Richard Nixon. Why?

Because my bet is that the post-mortem on this election will say Bush cost the GOP seats.

Also, if you still want to do something, take a look at the Move On Call for change website

posted by Steve @ 9:12:00 PM

9:12:00 PM

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