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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 03, 2006

Taking the pinheads bowling, pt 4

That's me, up front.

You know, I have over 200 books on military history.

While I understand a lot about the armed forces, what I don't have the ability to do is lead men into combat.

When Pete Hoekstra unleashed the guts of Iraq's weapons program, he did the equivilent of me taking an infantry squad in the streets of Baghdad. Recklessly irresponsible doesn't begin to describe this.

Captain Ed, Assrocket and the rest of the motley crew of the right blogosphere, I would bet, don't even have a passing knowledge of what tanks look like, forget the complex studies of WMD weapons systems. There's a reason the military spends millions to train people to study these arcane areas of knowledge. Because they are arcane areas of knowledge.

This wasn't some honey pot set up to embarass Dan Rather, but state secrets. They were released for one reason, to salvage the reputation of the Bush Administration.

The idea that some idiots online could do what the CIA and DIA couldn't is ridiculous and now has been proven a danger to national security.

This isn't a game. People died to get those document and the US government spends millions to do this every year. This is serious business and political expedience allowed the least serious people possible to play at it.

What did they think? Someone completely unfamiliar with the Iraqi military and who doesn't speak arabic, is going to find the treasure map of WMD? Is Hoekstra mentally ill? What the fuck did he think was going to happen.

Iranians and other countries were going to hoover these documents up and analyze them. It was a gift. But that didn't matter. They were more eager to prove they were right, based on the fragile hope that the assclown media crew could do what the vastly more educated experts of the US military couldn't.

Just because Charles Johnson obscured the facts behind Bush walking away from the National Guard, doesn't mean he's gonna find out where WMD's are in Iraq.

Talk about self-delusion.

posted by Steve @ 4:12:00 PM

4:12:00 PM

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