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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stasi tactics to be questioned by Virginia police

That's the way we roll

George Allen to be Questioned in assault on Mike Stark
by decon
Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 04:43:56 AM PST

Things are looking up in Virginia as George Allen will apparently be questioned by the Charlottesville police concerning his role in the attack on Mike Stark.

Now, police are trying to identify everyone in the video. Chief Longo says, "We have identified a number of people we need to have a discussion with at some point in the next day or so."

Among those people who will be interviewed, as a witness to the scuffle, will be Senator Allen himself. Investigators say there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Charlottesville Police say they plan to present the findings of their investigation to the commonwealth attorney in the next few days.

Allen is unapologetic, and blames Stark for provoking the attack:

Republican Sen. George Allen on Wednesday refused to denounce his supporters' manhandling of a liberal blogger a day earlier, accusing his Democratic opponent of provoking the videotaped incident.

All of this stands in stark contrast to previous statements from the Charlottesville police department.

Earlier, the police had indicated that Stark would be responsible for pursuing charges.

Charlottesville Police Lt. Gary Pleasants said Stark reported the incident Tuesday and indicated that he wanted to press assault charges against the men. ....

Pleasants said "We will find out who the people are, give him the information and he can go to the magistrate and try to obtain a warrant for them," Pleasants said.

This clearly escalates the seriousness of the situation for the Allen campaign.
In the last days of the campaign, Allen is now dealing with a police investigation? Are you fucking kidding me?

Never fuck with a man spoiling for a fight. Mike Stark has been spoiling for one with Allen for months. Not a physical confrontation, but answers about Allen's character. Instead of blowing past him, he's now the focus of the closing days of your campaign.


Why the police change their tune?

Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough. It was all over the media, and they can't blow it off any more.

But my God the people running the Allen campaign are lunkheads.

posted by Steve @ 8:47:00 AM

8:47:00 AM

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