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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Shia whip hand

What people don't realize about Sadr is one very simple fact.

While everyone else was in exile, he watched his father get killed because he wouldn't stop opposing Saddam.

He and his family survived the worst of Saddam like the majority of the Shia.

He has the moral authority to lead any Shia movement. And while he cannot control every militia loyal to him, he has far more control than the Sunnis.

Sadr drew the line on meeting Bush for a simple reason: cross it, Sadr can force him from office.

Everyone seems to be worried about a Sunni coup. They haven't the power for a coup. If Sadr said, the faithful must surround the Green Zone, you would have 100,000 people there the next day.

But the Shia do. They can either force Maliki to do their bidding, by refusing to deal with Bush, or they can expose him as an American lackey.

That is a strong position to be in.

The Shia have been demanding the right for a pogrom against the Sunni for months. This could be their way of forcing the issue.

The raid against the higher education ministry was the hint of worse things to come. The next thing may be Army units going off against the Sunni.

posted by Steve @ 12:37:00 AM

12:37:00 AM

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