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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 10, 2006

Settling family business: the Greens

See, if you talk to him, he will let you
pet a Disney movie, in real life,
he will eat you like a baguette.

Memo to the Greens:

You are irrelevant.

That asshole Kevin Zesse spent more time lying about Sen. Elect Ben Cardin than challenging Michael Steele. Other Green assholes were living up to the motto "Getting Republicans Elected Every November".

Basically, we can't afford you no more.

We have a health care crisis, a brutal war in Iraq, declining wages, and your contribution to the conversation is ......IRV. It isn't about whether Instant Runoff Voting is a good idea or not, but a relevant idea. When one car accident can cost you your home, ranking your votes is not exactly the most important idea around.

These are serious times and you are not serious people.

One duty of a political movement is to be effective, not to just spout nonsense and then expect people to follow you. In the epic battle to save this country, where were you? On the sidelines, or incredibly running a single issue campaign. This woman in Virginia was running on a platform of light rail. Was she on crack? There are more serious issues than taking light rail. She could have cost Webb the election.

Politics is not a personal temper tantrum. I can't imagine that a serious progressive would have thought a campaign on light rail was a valuable use of time in such a critical election. How could you run against the Dems after six years of Bush? My God, how incredibly shortsighted, selfish.

People are dying every day behind Bush and this is the time you come to the progressive community to make your points. And then whine when we laugh at IRV? This isn't a class, we need real solutions to real problems.

One of the rules of coalition building is that you have to want to be in a coalition. Not to make demands and then be told to piss off. If you can't get votes, what do you bring to the table? How can you be trusted when you make deals with the Republicans and refuse to see the harm that does.

To you, politics is fashion and time has passed you by. Serious times demand serious people and not dillitants

posted by Steve @ 2:07:00 AM

2:07:00 AM

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