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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pro-choice adulterers, step aside

So where do we take our mistresses

Conservative Mag: Rudy Has "No Chance" Of Winning GOP Nomination

Here's some more for you on Rudy Giuliani's preparations to sell himself to social and religious conservatives, which we wrote about below. Terence Jeffrey, the editor of the conservative weekly Human Events, has dug up some old quotes from Rudy on abortion and same-sex marriage, and in a piece called "Forget It, Rudy," Jeffrey concludes that Rudy doesn't have prayer, as it were, of surviving the GOP primary:

He has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, and, even if he did, he would not make a good president. His views on core cultural issues are too radical.

Giuliani is not just pro-abortion, he is pro-partial-birth abortion. He has not flinched from defending the legality of the gruesome practice that the late Democratic Sen. Patrick Moynihan of New York described “as close to infanticide.”

“I am pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights,” Giuliani said in 1999, when he was contemplating a Senate campaign. When a reporter asked if he at least favored a ban on partial-birth abortion, Giuliani said, “No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that changing.”

Giuliani’s pro-gay rights position is so extreme, he advocated stripping away the special legal status of traditional marriage. In 1998, he pushed a municipal ordinance that wiped out all distinctions between married and unmarried couples in New York City law, regardless of their gender. The late Cardinal John O’Connor gave a sermon from the pulpit of Saint Patrick Cathedral condemning Giuliani’s proposal. “It is imperative, in my judgment,” said the Cardinal, “that no law be passed contrary to natural moral law and Western tradition by virtually legislating that marriage does not matter.”

Giuliani did not back down. “What it really is doing is preventing discrimination against people who have different sexual orientations, or make different preferences in which they want to lead their lives,” he told the New York Times in response to O’Connor’s sermon.

Giuliani understood the link between allowing people to urinate on the streets with impunity and New York City’s overall decline. Outside New York, on the Republican campaign trail, he is sure to meet many voters who understand that his positions on abortion and marriage do to our national culture exactly what the street people and pub crawlers did to New York.

As noted below, Giuliani is telling his big-bucks fundraisers that his positions on these issues are not as black and white as they've been made out to be. But those above quotes are nothing if not black and white, so it will be interesting indeed to see how he goes about persuading people to see shades of gray in them.

Well, considering he abandoned his family and moved in with a gay couple so he could continue to see his mistress, this might be a problem.

posted by Steve @ 2:10:00 PM

2:10:00 PM

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