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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One more point

But, but I have to speak to the President

How many times did people post here and say "Rove will steal the election"?

Greg Palast even outlined how the GOP would toss votes and block voters.

Shouldn't you all be ashamed of yourselves by now?

We caught them. They cheated and we caught them. Why?

Because we didn't sit around, moan about how powerful Bush was, and then sit on our hands. We fought, we worked harder than they did and made a better case. They had to cheat and they still lost.

And Greg Palast didn't lift a fucking finger to help. Remember that. He may not be wrong, but at the moment when everything hung in the balance, he gleefully told us how we would lose. It's time to start listening to the people who are going to fight to protect what we call this democracy, not tell people how we've lost it.

We need to be aware of those threats, but we can't use them to excuse our inaction or our demoralization. People have died for the right to vote.

Listen to the people who work to win elections, the people who give their money and time for what they believe is right. Cynicism has it's uses.

Funny thing, I was talking to a kid today, he was off from school, and this woman was going on and on about how all politicans were crooks. In a low voice, I said, "remember one thing, rich people always vote."


"Because it serves their interests and if they vote, you vote."

Americans are better than our fears. Tonight proved that.

posted by Steve @ 2:03:00 AM

2:03:00 AM

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