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Sunday, November 05, 2006

It is going to get worse

Teenage boys? I never knew, I fucking swear

Sullivan: Hastert, Reynolds and ROVE knew about Foley
by pontificator
Sun Nov 05, 2006 at 01:30:53 PM PST

Andrew Sullivan has always had good contacts among Congressional Republicans (dating back to his days at TNR), and claims to have his ear to the ground regarding the House Ethics Committee's Foley Investigation.

On the Chris Matthews show today, he made an assertion that (if true), guarantees we will be hearing about Foleygate for months after the midterm elections are over. The scandal, apparently, doesn't just reach the House leadership. It reaches into the highest levels of the White House as well:

Sullivan: "The sworn testimony in the Mark Foley House Ethics Committee investigation is proving that Haster, Reynolds and Rove knew full-well about Mark Foley for years."

Matthews: "Rove?"

Sullivan: "Rove, yes, because Foley didn't want to run again and Rove talked him into it."

Plamegate failed to take down Karl Rove (by a hair). But, if it turns out that Rove knew Foley had a "page problem," but encouraged him to stay in the House (where he could continue to groom and victimize pages), then his career will be over.

Everybody was questioned under oath in the investigation. A report will be issued, and testimony will be made public. This issue will come back with a roar, after the election.

Fuck Rove, Bush and Cheney will be in real trouble. Why? You think they didn't tell him?

posted by Steve @ 8:17:00 PM

8:17:00 PM

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