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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is my ass fat?

Lieberman might caucus with GOP
by kos
Mon Nov 13, 2006 at 10:39:49 PM PST

This would make me upset if it surprised me any. But I expected it.

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut said yesterday that he will caucus with Senate Democrats in the new Congress, but he would not rule out switching to the Republican caucus if he starts to feel uncomfortable among Democrats.

Here's the bottom line for Joe -- if he leaves the Democratic Party, he'll give the GOP a short-lived 50-50 majority. But in 2008, the Senate map is ALL Democratic pickups. And Lieberman can then enjoy life in a big GOP minority.

So I full expect him to jump to the dark side. It's what his voters want, it's what his financiers want, it's what his strategists want. You get elected with Republican voters, money and advice, you sort of end up indebted to the other side.

Or, he thinks he's being funny and clever by taunting the Democratic caucus.

Either way, his career is over in two years. With a big Democratic majority, he'll no longer have the leverage to hold Democrats hostage, and the minority Republicans will have no use for him.

So he should enjoy these next two years as much as he can. Because by helping deliver the big Democratic majority in 2008, we'll finish the job we started this year.

He's crying out for attention. Lieberman knows the GOP is the losing team and he knows their chances won't get any better in the next few years. And Lieberman knows he was given that money to serve as a check on the Dems.

Let him switch parties.

In the end, everything is about Joe. When Harry Reid makes a peace offering, he'll be happy.

posted by Steve @ 1:51:00 AM

1:51:00 AM

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