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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Favorite sandwiches

A really large BLT

I love sandwiches. Sometimes I'll even have them for dinner.

Here are my 10 favorites

Rare roast beef with russian dressing on rye

The combination of of rare beef with thick Russian dressing on fresh rye is a wonderful one because it is so earthy. Mustard is another good thing to puton, but only brown mustard

Turkey Club

Fresh turkey, bacon, fresh tomato. With fresh ingredients it can be sublime.

Ham and Cheese

When I was a kid, this was the best sandwich ever. My father would get this from a local store and they had the best American cheese, it was really sharp, for American, and they would pile it on. I miss that sandwich. The key is good ham, like prosciutto cotto with good cheese. The saltier the meat, the blander the cheese needs to be. Prosciutto with mozzerella


The best simple sandwich ever.

Grilled Cheese

I taught my cheese-loving niece how to make them. What is better on a snowy day, than to make a nice, grilled cheese sandwich with soup. A cooking brick makes the cheese extra gooey when you pile it high

Roast beef and fresh mozzerella

This is the kind of sandwich which you encounter in real Italian delis, where they have whole blocks of homemade fresh mozz on the counter and hanging smoked provelone. If you're lucky, they will have smoked mozz as well.

Chicken Parmigiana

This the most luxurious of the hot sandwiches, chicken cultlets, melted cheese on a hero (grinder, hogie) roll, gooey and drippy. It is the sandwich to enjoy.

Sausage and peppers

This is THE sandwich for the New York street. No sauce, lots of grilled peppers and onions, done right, it's a hearty meal.


Fresh baked ham on white with mayo. Perfect after a holiday, especially when warm. This was the sandwich I first loved as a kid.

Open face Turkey

It's after thanksgiving and you're staring at the bird, all chopped up. You get some stuffing, some loose pieces of dark and light meat, toast some bread, and heat up the gravy.

Is that not a meal?

Jen here.

I normally don't post on school nights, but being as I just got back from a work function only to find a major fuckup on my credit card statement, followed by an hour on the phone with semi-literate fuckups who have ALL of my personal info, I have enough adrenaline to chime in.

My favorite "samwich," bar none:

The post Rosh Hashana Special, which is: Home-made brisket, cold, from my Mom. pressed between two thick slices of Challah, raisin Challah, the round kind, if available.

One year I gave Gilly some brisket and he made one of these for his best friend from NYU, who was in traction with a blown leg.

I love this sandwich. On the actual holiday, you're too fucking full to really taste anything after the appetizer plate (which includes chopped liver made from scratch) and other goodies, followed by gefilte fish, followed by chicken soup with matzoh balls.

However, after the bus ride home, and a day later, you're ready for this sublime sandwich. Just two ingredients. Challah and brisket swimming in its own fatty gravy. Assemble and press down hard, wash down with Kosher wine if available.

After that I would have to add Avocado BLT's to my list. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avo on toast with mayo. YUM. Almost as good as money and often better than sex.

Third fave: Any artesinal cheese with any snobby artesianal tomato on any artesinal bread, toasted, with butter, with local wine. Yes, my cheese went to Harvard, you gotta problem with that?

Next fave: Good old fried eggs on toast with cheese and ketchup. Washed down with coffee and OJ. So sue me.

Happy eating, folks.

Oh, yeah, Gilly's B-day is in two weeks. Just saying.

posted by Steve @ 12:08:00 AM

12:08:00 AM

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