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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dressing vs stuffing

I was once asked by a man, which is which, dressing or stuffing.

I agree with Alton Brown, stuffing a turkey is too much of a pain in the ass and too risky to consider doing. If one must stuff, one should pick a smaller bird, like a Cornish Game Hen to stuff. That way, it's consumed in one meal, far less risk of contamination.

The way I learned it was that stuffing went inside the bird, dressing was cooked seperately.

I was discussing this with my sister last night. She liked to make dressing as well.

But she liked her dressing with only savory items, no fruits. She said the apples leeched too much liquid. Me, I like pork sausage and mushrooms in mine.

I use prepackaged bread for my stuffing, but some people like to dry their own. But it must have the sausage, for that sagey flavor, along with shredded sage.

Of course, we'll be discussing the elements of the Thanksgiving dinner seperately, so if someone comes up with a recipe, you can copy it and try it.

posted by Steve @ 3:46:00 PM

3:46:00 PM

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