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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, November 12, 2006

The delusion of the Republicans

Typhoons over the Falaise Gap, or election
day 2006

Just read this.

Once you stop laughing, you need to realize that the GOP doesn't get either the magintude or scale of their loss. They are trying to find bright spots like Lieberman's win and claiming that the blogts are ineffective.

Well, they are. Right wing blogs were less than useless. Couldn't help candidates, couldn't raise money.

The right's pet Negro, Michael Steele, pathetically refusing to conceed, lost by insane margins

Baltimore City34,186109,4843,087
Prince George's39,514130,6151,559

Now, Steele did better and even won some counties, but where black people voted, he got creamed, kinda like a Panther trying to escape Patton.

But the fact is that the leading ideologues were chased from office like a mob was after them. Your attempt to split black voters from the Dems, crushed. The immigration gambit, failed, ask Randy Graf and JD Hayworth how running against Mexicans work.

Then you can ask Tom Kean how running on Iraq worked. A lot better. For his opponent.

The pretense is strong in the right, but it is only pretense.

Not only was Iraq policy rejected, but so was social policy.

Ask the people of South Dakota about abortion and what do you get? A resounding stand for reproductive rights.

Tried to use gay marriage, no one cared.

Tried to scare people about taxes, failed.

It was a total defeat for the GOP. Anything else is pretense.

posted by Steve @ 12:58:00 AM

12:58:00 AM

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