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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 17, 2006

Daddy takes over

But, but I work for the President

Not any more

Who says?


REPORT: Karl Rove May Be Leaving The White House In ‘Weeks, Not Months’

The White House Bulletin, a service of Bulletin News, reports that White House senior political adviser Karl Rove — aka “Bush’s Brain” — may soon be on his way out:

The rumors that chief White House political architect Karl Rove will leave sometime next year are being bolstered with new insider reports that his partisan style is a hurdle to President Bush’s new push for bipartisanship. “Karl represents the old style and he’s got to go if the Democrats are going to believe Bush’s talk of getting along,” said a key Bush advisor.

Other elements are also at play: The election yesterday of Sen. Trent Lott to the number two GOP leadership position in the Senate is also a threat to the White House and Rove, who worked against him when he battled to save his majority leader’s job after his insensitive remarks about Sen. Strom Thurmond.

And insiders report that Bush counsel Harriet Miers isn’t a fan, believing that Rove didn’t do enough to help her failed Supreme Court nomination among conservatives. In fact, one top West Wing advisor said that the unexpected ouster of Rove aide Susan Ralston over ethics questions was orchestrated by Miers as a signal to Rove to leave. The advisor said that Rove is aware of the situation and that a departure might come in “weeks, not months.” A Rove ally, however, noted that he has a record of out-witting his critics.

Early this year, Rove gave up his role of overseeing policy development to focus more on politics with the approach of the fall midterm elections.

Rove said prior to the midterm elections that he had “the math” to prove the Republicans would win back the House and Senate. Rove’s predictions were proved wrong, earning him a public sniping at the hands of President Bush who said: “I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was.”

Junior and Poppy.

Junior and Rove are a team, they have been for years. But Poppy never much liked him. Something about him was off. He had his uses, but if Junior is to be saved, things must change. While Bush doesn't want Rove to take credit for everything, Poppy Bush wants him gone.

And Poppy Bush is the decider here.

So while Atrios may doubt it, I think Rove and Cheney are not long for the WH. Why? Poppy's men want them out of the way. They are in crisis mode, desperate to save Junior. Because someone just realized that the house committees are unfriendly ground for them.

Junior wants to fight, but he's got no cards left. None.

And if you think Bush is gonna fight for Rove, think again. He'll fight to save his mommies, but Rove? Nope. He'll let him take all the blame. Because that's what he does. Other people fail. Not Junior. This time, it's Rove.

Why? Because between Poppy's friends and his mommies, Rove is his Falstaff. Fun when things are easy, but disposed of when things are hard. Junior is going to avoid blame as long as he can.

It won't work, of course, Junior's likely to collapse in a bundle of bourbon fueled rage any day now, in tears, crying in Condi's lap. But this is the last ditch effort.

posted by Steve @ 3:53:00 PM

3:53:00 PM

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