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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crazy Pam wants your kids to die

RUN!!!!! That dog is an Arab, he may have
a bomb

This ranting is from Atlas Shrugged, or Jim Wolcott's whipping girl. It seems she has really shit the bed and is in fear of the dirty macacas crawling into her window and making her wear a burqa and pray five times a day. Her fantasy world of John Bolton saving the UN, when he was really an annoying laughing stock, is scare. Her call for violence against Foggy Bottom is disturbing.

I don't know what's worse, her open racism towards brown people or her lust for violence. After all, the kids dying there aren't hers. And won't be.

Hawks Exit, Enter Pantywaist Brigade

The peace conspirators have arrived just as the madmen are getting all nuked up, full metal jacket, baby. Today's front page in the New York Sun will sink you. Not that it was unexpected following Rumsfeld's departure.


Overhaul of War Strategy Speeds Up,
Regional ‘Peace Conference’ Planned

Peace conference? Ugh. How can you negotiate peace in a war that has not yet been won? In a word? Impossible. This appeasement is perceived as weakness and capitulation by the aggressor.

President Bush’s overhaul of his war strategy is accelerating, as more senior officials are leaving the Pentagon and the administration is signaling its readiness to open direct negotiations with Iran regarding Iraq and to plan a regional “peace conference.”

At the Pentagon, many senior hawks are following Defense Secretary Rumsfeld into the private sector. Among those leaving is the assistant secretary of defense for international security, Peter Rodman, who will take up a post at the Brookings Institution.

Two administration officials said yesterday that the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, Stephen Cambone, was also looking to leave the Pentagon. Mr. Cambone is likely to face a subpoena from congressional Democrats looking to investigate his role in the drafting of interrogation policies.

A subpoena from the Dhimmis for "drafting interrogation policies.?" I love how the Dhimmicrats go all soft and fuzzy when it comes to murdering savages. These dangerous spineless, gutless wonders are driving the bus.


While those have been the Israeli and American demands of the Palestinian Arabs since Hamas won legislative elections in January, two diplomatic sources yesterday who requested anonymity said the State Department would be willing to accept a government that included some Hamas members if a majority of the cabinet agreed to the terms laid out in the 2003 road map document signed by both sides as well as America, Europe, Russia and the United Nations.

Accepting Hamas? Perhaps Hamas will blow up State. Someone has to

Ok, she seems to miss the point that the "savages" kill back, 2800+ so, the endemic corruption and division of the Iraqi government, and the simple fact that people are tired of sending their sons to die to keep Crazy Pam's world view.

But what I find funny is this: if you went to Crazy Pam and asked her if she would spend a year working in the US Embassy in Baghdad and she might hit you. The idea of personal sacrifice is beyond her.

What I am increasingly finding astonishing, is the fragile world view of the AssClown Brigade. They have this inordinate fear of the "Dems", as if Nancy Pelosi was married to the Bin Laden family and the American people elected Mullah Omar to Congress. The utter cult-like belief in America's most inept president and the irrational fear of brown people is comical.

But what is most amusing is that they equate the utterly failed and misguided Bush policy with strength. In reality, George Bush has done more for Iran's hegemonic ambitions than any ayaltollah ever could, turned Iraq into an Iranian ally and Iran into a regional power. Yet, Crazy Pam associates this with strength and bravery.

Some of these people need vacations. Badly.

posted by Steve @ 8:22:00 AM

8:22:00 AM

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