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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Compounding the stupid

Call the secret police, remove this dissident

Former Marine, law student presses charges

Charges have been filed against the men who allegedly roughed up a heckler at a George Allen campaign stop.

Mike Stark, a UVA law student, says the men put him in a choke hold and threw him out of the room after he asked Allen about a rumor that the senator had spit on his first wife.

Now, Stark is demanding legal action. Stark says, "He's been quoted as saying these things happen in campaigns. These things happen in campaigns? These things happen in third world countries."

Allen's campaign is defending their actions, saying stark was being aggressive and asking "inappropriate questions."

George Allen is a bully, a stupid bully. Stark shouldn't have been touched. Defending those who did was insane.

Allen Campaign: Even YOU guys are better than this!
by Steve Jarding
Wed Nov 01, 2006 at 03:43:02 AM PST

Are these tactics worth throwing away a career?

To: Allen Campaign
From: Steve Jarding
RE: Shameless plea to "call off the dogs."

Have you really run out of things to say? Now you think we are sending people to ask Senator Allen questions? And even more bizarre, you think the problem with what happened today is that the kid asked a question?

The problem is that your thugs tackled a law student because you didn't like the question he asked. Obviously that's the way you do business. We don't operate that way and you know it. We are trying to have an honest discussion about the issues and you are so afraid to let George Allen answer a question you tackle anybody who approaches him. Nice! If you want the dogs called off then call your staff in a meeting and tell them not to tackle people. But don't send out a bogus statement suggesting that anyone other than your own people had anything to do with this.

I know you're desperate. National Journal just called your campaign the worst campaign in America. Stunts like this are the reason why. On top of that you're broke, and your bush league book stunt blew up in your face. All of this explains why you've fallen behind while Webb is over 50 and you guys are stuck with unprecedented negatives.

Guys, is this worth throwing your careers away? If you think you have a future in this business you have to change the way you operate. If you want to call me to talk to me about it I'd be happy to do that with you, but don't stoop to these tactics.
The Webb campaign had nothing to do with this. They are clever enough to create a distraction a week before the election. Today's news is Kerry. Tomorrow's will be the arrest of Allen staffers for felony assault.

The desperation is in the air. Bush and the GOP, by hammering away at Kerry goes on about Iraq. Then abandons an American soldier to his fate. They don't know which way to turn. And then Allen is too stupid to fire or dissassociate himself from this. Instead, there is a massive distraction which has Allen battling a former Marine, law student, over his sealed divorce and arrest record.

posted by Steve @ 5:50:00 PM

5:50:00 PM

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