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Friday, November 03, 2006

The closet explodes open

Hmmmm, mighty interesting look there

A sudden about-face in the scandal facing New Life Church's pastor.

After Pastor Ted Haggard went public Wednesday night denying allegations of a homosexual affair, senior church officials told KKTV 11News Thursday evening, Pastor Ted Haggard has admitted to some of the claims made by a former male escort. The church's Acting Senior Pastor, Ross Parsley, tells KKTV 11 News that Pastor Haggard has admitted to some of the indiscretions claimed by Mike Jones, but not all of them.

Thursday morning, Jones went on a Denver radio talk show and said Pastor Haggard paid him for sex over the past 3 years. Jones also claims Haggard used drugs with him.

Right now, the situation is under investigation by an independent panel of leaders from four outside churches. The leaders are from Colorado Springs, Larkspur, Westminster and Louisiana. The panel's role is to decide if Haggard will be exonerated, released from his duties or restored to his pastorship.

Earlier Thursday, Haggard resigned as President of the National Association of Evangelicals, and placed himself on administrative leave as head of New Life Church. New Life Church has an estimated 14,000 members, while the NAE claims roughly 30 million members.

Which is, what? Smoking ice or sucking cock?

I bet those voicemails weren't only real, but came from a phone that he owned.


I was just about to shower and go to sleep when I saw this in my mail. Holy fucking shit.

I have decided there is only one answer, God has tired of the Republicans.

Because there is no way this rain of shit is just coincidence. Foley, ok. Kolbe, well.....but then comes Don "choker" Sherwood, Curt "crooked" Weldon, and John "slappy" Sweeney. Ok, that would be enough for any election, forget week. Then you have the alleged rapist gubinatorial candidate of Nevada. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

You have a congressional candidate threaten to slap a paraplegic and the gubinatorial candidate of Florida deny he's had sex with men, despite his close friendship with a gay, convicted criminal.
Then Allen's goons came and attacked Mike Stark and the feeble Captain Ed, trying to refute his case, only made it stronger. Ok, we have a basketful of stuff.

But then, we get pure manna from heaven. One of the leading homophobes in the US is actually having sex with men.

Ted Haggard was the real deal, with his megachurch and calls to Bush. Now, Jim Dobson is left holding another shitty bag, and that ain't a bad thing.

I knew that this was likely more true than not for a simple reason, Haggard could drag anyone dumb enough to lie on him into criminal court on extortion charges. You think the DA is gonna question him? Please.

No matter how they try to save it, the fact is that these folks are exposed as the frauds the are for the world to see. While he was railing about faggots are evil, he's sucking a dick and paying for it. You know, if he hadn't been so busy judging others, he wouldn't be getting judged now.

posted by Steve @ 3:26:00 AM

3:26:00 AM

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