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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The art of distraction

How Lieberman rolls

CT-Sen: Lieberman doesn't like me
Fri Nov 03, 2006 at 01:52:03 PM PST

In the tradition of the Lieberthugs bringing mob-politics to Connecticut, Lieberman continues to engage in the sort of nasty politics he supposedly decries. Here is a PDF version of a direct mail piece attacking me.

Lieberman doesn't like me or this site. Obviously. But look how he continues to play with Republican frames and language. The flyer virtually spits out "leading left-wing blog", as if it wasn't a Democratic blog supporting the very same Democratic Party that Lieberman claims he'll still caucus with.

Lieberman is no Democrat, not since primary voters gave him his well-deserved kick in the face. Hopefully, on Tuesday, the broad Connecticut electorate will finally rid this warmonger from the Senate.

Why does Joe Lieberman hate Latino veterans?

Here's a question: have you seen any dem going after Drudge or assclown media?

Fuck no.

You know why? No one cares about them. I would bet that was the best advertisement Kos has ever had. Because a lot of people went to Kos, saw a diversity of opinion and hung around. Not everyone likes Kos, because the site can be overwhelming, but as an original frontpager there, I can say I'm proud to have been associated with it, and think it is an incredible achievement.

And I can say we have very different visions about what we want to do online, but they're not exclusive visions. Which is why the left blogosphere is growing in power and effectiveness.

But the thing I think they hate most about the blogs is that we don't fit into any hole. We're not like the useless Greens or the powerhungry DLC crowd. Most of us don't even like politicians. But we want to live in a country we can be proud of, and George Bush has taken that away from us.

We have destroyed Iraq for George Bush's ego. No other reason. Even the neocons are running from the sandbox.

Joe Lieberman hates Kos because we hold him accountable, we looked at his record and made him defend his seat, which he has done in the most loathesome manner possible. Just on that alone, he should lose his job. I think the polling doesn't hold any revelations at this point. Lieberman is on the wrong side of the issues, a wave sweeping away his peers like Chris Shays, it would be extraordinary luck for him to keep his job, regardless of numbers.

But Lieberman isn't alone. He is far from the only one who hates citizens who actually care about their country speaking up. The whole DLC crowd hates it, they like being the experts, the kingmakers. Which is why Al From is pushing Mike Bloomberg to make an ass of himself.

All those New Yorkers who swore Mike was really a Democrat should rejoice in the aid he's given Joe Lieberman. Yep, a secret Democrat.

Now, next year, when the heavy hand of Eliot Spitzer starts demanding changes, Mike may decide to get on the right side again. Because things are about to change. If I was Spitzer, the first thing I would do is get Bloomberg in a room and tell him to ask for DOD help to check Ground Zero. Because if he didn't, I would hold a press conference with the families promising to do just that.

Pataki thinks he can run for president and has been missing in action for six months, but Spitzer won't be.

But Lieberman is part of the past and doesn't even know it. If he goes back to Washington, he's going to be isolated and under permanent siege from active citizens. The days of sucking up to Hannity and Imus are over.

George Bush has forced our hand. We're going to save America, whether Lieberman and friends like it or not.

Oh, even if he loses, he won't be going anywhere. He will still be stabbing Dems in the back. Former Senator Lieberman will still be quoted on how the Dems suck. He just won't have a vote anymore.

I thought he would have quit by now. But the GOP spent money on him, money they are now regretting. Money which could have saved the now broke George Allen, or helped out any number of struggling Republicans. I hope Lamont's people pull it out, just so I can mock Al From and Mike Bloomberg on that Wed.

If you live near there, help them. They need the help. Same with Ford. I have my issues with Harold Ford, but helping him win is not about personal likes or dislikes, but saving what is good about this country. It's time to step up. Hit the Do More than Vote link.

They don't like Kos, which means us, good. We don't like the slimy motherfuckers either.

Stay tuned this weekend, because as Hunter Thompson said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

posted by Steve @ 12:20:00 AM

12:20:00 AM

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