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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 17, 2006

All you need to know about Judith Regan

Drudge appears to have an exclusive on a bizarre, impassioned 2,216-word statement by Judith Regan about her Fox interview with O.J. Simpson and publication of his book, both entitled: "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened." In her statement, Regan defends herself against the widespread criticism that she's crassly exploiting the tragedy (for sweeps, no less) and justifies it by referencing her own history as a victim of domestic abuse.

Regan recounts her own history with an abusive partner, describing herself as " the trusting girl...who believed in the beauty of romance," likening herself to the slain Nicole Brown Simpson.

Regan's story is an awful one, to be sure, but seems a strange justification for the publication of the book and broadcast of the interview, despite claims of seeking vindication in forcing "the killer" to confess and achieving some measure of a justice in the matter: "[I]f Marcia Clark couldn't do it, I sure wanted to try." Regan also invokes the religious symbolism of confession and penance, at one point writing "Amen."

Regan is a loathesome piece of shit.

She waged one of the most bitter, insane divorce battles in New York history. And that takes no small effort.

Then she had some insane deal with Jenna Jameson which basically ripped Jameson off.

But this piss poor excuse for a human being got her New York pass revoked for using an apartment near ground zero to have an affair with the married scumbag Bernie Kerik. She was then scared that he was stalking her.

But think about this: as they removed the remains of thousands of dead from ground zero, she was getting her ass waxed over a open grave.

So fuck Judith Regan

posted by Steve @ 9:54:00 AM

9:54:00 AM

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