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Comments by YACCS
Friday, November 03, 2006

83 dead in Baghdad

Scores of bodies found in Baghdad

Baghdad police say they have found 83 bodies, some showing signs of torture, in various locations around the city in the past 36 hours.

The fresh killings came as the US said seven more US soldiers had died, and that troops had killed 13 insurgents.

The Iraqi army has cancelled all leave and put troops on alert ahead of the verdict expected on Sunday in the trial of former leader Saddam Hussein.

Defence lawyers have warned of violence if he is sentenced to death.

The discovery of 56 bodies between Thursday and Friday mornings is the biggest in 24 hours since the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ended.

Another 27 were found during Friday.

Correspondents say some were probably victims of sectarian attacks, while others could have been targeted by criminal gangs seeking ransoms.

The 56 dead were all men, estimated to be aged between 20 and 45, police Lt Mohammed Khayon told the Associated Press.

They were all dressed in civilian clothing and found with their hands and feet bound, Lt Khayon added, saying that none of the men had yet been identified.

What is the job we're doing? Killing a million Iraqis? Because that's the course we're on.

posted by Steve @ 4:04:00 PM

4:04:00 PM

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