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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 16, 2006

Time to get real

The Alms bucket is open

First Draft is has a fundraising drive going.

Like so many bloggers, they don't have a multimillon dollar enterprise to support their ramblings.


Because rich liberals would rather bitch and moan and give to Hillary rather than help those doing the work.

Marc Cooper, Pajamas Media house liberal, wrote the following about Air America Radio's impending bankruptcy. Now, I have been on AAR, have friends who are on there regularly and know their air staff, but this is a bunch of horseshit.

Air America's failure has nothing to do with NPR. The network blew through a staggering $41 million in the last two years, a veritable mega-fortune in the "progressive" world. Just imagine the number of full-blown real world congressional campaigns that could have been funded with that chunk of change (in round numbers, maybe 20 or even more). Or the number of magazines that could have been funded. Maybe even a serious, daily liberal newspaper.
Air America's failure derives directly from a lethal mix of really bad programming, wild spending, and a bass-ackwards top-down marketing strategy in which instead of trying to build audiences with excellent programming the network tried to buy into big markets.
Uh, Congressional campaigns? Magazines and newspapers? What the fuck is he blathering about? The last thing we need is another lilly white Harpers telling women and minorities about how hard it is to be a woman or minority. One can say that the liberal opinion magazine racket has managed to be as inclusive as Ralph Nader's staff.

Do you think for a second a progressive magazine would be run by two women, a latino, or black men? How many get to write in their pages?

Coooper is part of said club, so he can spout stupid shit like that.

I think Air America's problem was a lack of investors, not wasting money. Howard Stern made more from Sirius sales in a week than that.

But if I had access to that kind of money, I would do anything but go back to traditional media. Anyone suffer through Current? I watched it a couple of times and then should have blocked it, but was just too lazy to do it.

We need a different liberal media, which is why First Draft got some of my money. So did Apple, but we have to fund each other, because no one else is.

posted by Steve @ 5:09:00 PM

5:09:00 PM

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