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Monday, October 16, 2006

A time for triage

This didn't help matters

I understand that skepticism about the Republicans pulling out of Ohio, but come on, it's triage time.

They have to pick and choose who to save and that is very unfamiliar for the Republicans. They have to be regretting every dime sent to Lieberman, which won't help Shays or Johnson at this point. Their game plan was like all their other game plans, flood money into constested districts and then whip out the 72 hour play to solidify their votes.

Well, they're facing contested races in the South. Corker can't rely on the Bradley factor any more. Chiding Ford for liking Playboy playmates is well, insane. Yeah, once upon a time, it would have been death, but now with Corker's real, people harming scandals, like the 911 mess, race suddenly is a lot less important. And the GOP thought that seat was locked and Ford on a quixotic quest. Corker had a lot of holes in his past.

George Allen showed himself to be a racist buffoon. And that has cost him votes

Now, to keep control of the Senate, something has to give. And Ohio looks like a lost cause. Ken Blackwell's arrogant, inept campaign is going to sink the whole boat.

The Dems have picked enough battlegrounds to make it clear that the GOP's money advantage is pressed.

One of the reasons the GOP had an advantage over Dems in races was that they were rarely protecting seats, but picking up ground. Now, that money has to go much further and the choices are harder. Do you save Tom Reynolds or help John Sweeney. Chris Shays or Nancy Johnson? Who do you help at this point and whom do you say no to,

Tom Kean Jr. blew his chance by calling Bob Menendez a crook and little else. Not a word on his positive agenda. He's turning out to be a more polished Doug Forrester. A lot of his appeal had a nasty racist undertone as well. He gets up on TV with his polished WASP looks and calls the pudgy Cuban Menendez a crook. It's a play to central Jersey. Only problem, Menendez's commercials are good and Kean's a shitty campaigner.

And given the crisis facing the House Leadership, those choices are now fiendish.

The split in the party has also created unelectable candidates like Randy Graf and Doug Lamborn. Which means they're gonna lose safe seats. Graf ran a racist, anti-immigrant campaign around Mexicans. Yeah, that was gonna work. Depicting people's cousins as vermin
usually doesn't work.

Lamborn is just a scary wingnut who his hated by half the GOP.

How did the GOP get here? Because their anti-immigrant progrom blew up in their faces. It may not get vastly more latinos to the polls, but to a whole host of immigrant communities, it was a slap in the face. It didn't start our racist, but it turned racist quickly and Bush and Rove were powerless to change direction.

So there is a series of crises they're facing.

How bad? North Korea blowing up a nuke was a two-day story while Foley isn't going anywhere.

And then there is David Kuo and his attaks on the Bush White House's heart. Anyone with a brain knows he wasn't lying. Because we feel the same way, most thinking people do.

Well, the problem for the Bushies is that he was assumed to be loyal to them and not the movement. In what is a horrible underestimation, they were quite wrong

posted by Steve @ 5:41:00 PM

5:41:00 PM

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