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Sunday, October 08, 2006

This gets crazier by the day

I'm a chickenhawk, too

Soldier In Iraq Subpoenaed In Foley Investigation

Sat Oct 07, 2006 at 07:15:23 PM PDT

Ilona over at ePluribus Media (and here at dkos) points us to a scathing Courier-Journal editorial which reveals surprising developments in the Foley investigation:

Two of our local members, Ron Lewis and Mike Sodrel, suddenly found it inconvenient to walk around arm in arm with Speaker Dennis Hastert at a campaign fund-raiser or a Rotary Club appearance. At least they recognize that pedophilia and its enablers don't go over well anywhere, much less in respectable parts of Middle America like Elizabethtown and Jeffersonville.

One young man whom Mr. Lewis sponsored as a page has been drawn into the FBI probe. Now a soldier in Iraq, he has been subpoenaed to talk about messages that Mr. Foley, a Florida Republican, sent him.

The soldier--who was a page five years ago--called in from Iraq earlier this week:

Lewis's chief of staff got a satellite phone call from Iraq Tuesday afternoon from a man who wouldn't identify himself. But he did say he was a soldier from Kentucky's Second Congressional District who wanted to give Lewis a heads up.

"To let us know that he had been approached by Mark Foley in 2001 and that he is speaking to the proper authorities, to a JAG officer who will then pass that on to the FBI," says Lewis.

Congressman Lewis's office is the only local one we've found that's gotten a call from any of their former pages, alleging misconduct by Foley, a man Lewis describes this way: "He was a creepy guy."

posted by Steve @ 1:22:00 AM

1:22:00 AM

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