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Monday, October 23, 2006

This amuses me

Accidental repost -- Nancy Pelosi/No Impeachment
by Cthulhu [Subscribe]
Mon Oct 23, 2006 at 02:09:20 PM PDT

(about 20 seconds in) Heeere's Nancy! Yes, folks, the person who now looks like she's going to be Speaker of the House (if the predictions hold true) has just promised that there will be NO IMPEACHMENT of President Bush.

Yep, "The Gloves Are Off" Nancy has just said that she won't impeach Bush for any of his wrongdoing. Not signing statements. Not lying to get us into war. Not illegal wiretaps. It'd be a "waste of time."

Its her promise. Its her pledge. Of course, it means that she's abdicated her constitutional responsibilities to have the House act as a check on the President, but she doesn't give a shit about that.

I can't wait for Nancy's next request for money for the DCCC. I should get it, oh, in about the next hour or so. If its like all the other ones, it'll talk about the need to fight Buch, to take the gloves off, to stop the Republican hate machine, to protect American rights and American values....blah blah blah.

Earth to Nancy: Protecting American values starts with protecting the checks and balances in the Constitution.

What a wanker

Of course, in six months, Pelosi will have to regretfully change her position. But what I find funny is that Lesley Stahl thinks she's that stupid. What they don't want to do is tip their hand. I don't think the Dems will have to go out of their way to impeach Bush, just looking at what he's done is enough to lead to impeachment.

It was a media trap question. Get the liberal to say something liberalish and reveal her agenda. I'd have bullshitted her as well. Pelosi can read Newsweek's poll as well as you can. And this is before the crimes are truly revealed.

So for her to rally the GOP by saying she's going to go for an impeachment is insane. But people take it literally.

The GOP have been using her as way to rally the troops. So she does the rational thing, lie.

Why do I think this is a lie? Because she knows where the investigations will likely lead, back to Cheney and Bush. But it gets people on Kos excited and they say mean things, and the Republicans conclude that "oh wow, the far left is pissed". Her goal is to get Democrats to win seats. You know that if they win, then the committee chairmen will choose what happens next.

Impeachment isn't on the table because there is no evidence of impeachable acts before the Congress. But if the Dems win, that will change.

It's politics, people lie. Even better, we can make them liars. I expect the impeach Bush movement to start November 8th myself.

posted by Steve @ 5:57:00 PM

5:57:00 PM

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