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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Smarter than you

Sailor alert, sailor alert.

I'm reading Inside Delta Force by Eric Haney. The book is the basis for the TV show, The Unit, which is what the operators call Delta Force. At one point, he and another operator are being briefed by a JSOC colonel. The colonel has this plan where they HALO from a C-130, land in the water and swim to a beach in Beirut. All to deliver a radio.

After listening to his plan, they explained all that James Bond shit he wanted them to do was seriously dangerous and totally unneccesary. He was pissed and they explained that they would simply fly the radio on a diplomatic flight to Amman, drive the radio to the Lebanese border, have an embassy car from Beirut pick up the radio and drive it there.

This reminds me of our now officially insane Iraq policy. At every turn, the ideas of amateurs have been placed above that of professionals. Cheney calling David Kay to tell him where WMD is, Bush swearing he will stay in Iraq and asking the war criminal Henry Kissinger for help. Ignoring every bit of professional advice given him.

Now Joe Lieberman, who clearly has lost his mind, is talking about who he thinks stabbed him in the back, and will he forgive them. He's going to lose. The polling isn't going to turn into a GOTV operation and you aren't going to see Rell/Lieberman signs. Chris Shays just tossed his leadership under a bus, seeing that the leadership protecting a child sex predator could really sink his chances. It's not a prediction, but a reality of politics.

Despite the torture bill, this has been the worst week yet for the GOP this cycle. In fact, the torture bill was sunk under weight of Woodward's new book and Predatorgate. We knew the House leadership was corrupt, but to allow a child sex predator to roam unchallenged? If anyone thinks this started in 2005, they're an idiot. My only question is how many pages did he actually nail? There are probably improper relationships going back years.

Foley just shows how out of touch and irrelevant Congress has become. Chris Hansen becomes a TV star helping to lock up men who want to fuck teenagers and deliver them beer and condoms. If you knew a member of the leadership was involved in predatory behavior, why in God's name would you let him run for his seat? What? People are ignoring child sex predators now?

Wouldn't you pull him aside and say "Mark, you know, if those e-mails come out, we're all fucked. Time to retire".

Instead, you wait until it gets to Brian Ross. Mr. I hate political corruption? What? Waiting for Steve Kroft? Scott Pelley? Which deliverer of bad news did you want to expose Foley? Did you want to see Hansen in some Florida suburb waiting for Foley inside a house and Broward County sheriffs waiting around the corner?

"Mark, I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. What were you planning to do with that 16 year old?"


"What do you do for a living"

"I'm a lawyer"

"Uh, you may be, but you're also a Congressman."

Is that what they were waiting for? Didn't they notice the DHS spokesman locked up for the same shit? At what point did they not realize they had a problem.

The thing about amateurs is that they don't understand limitations. It's easy to say night HALO into water,. but when you have to do it, it's a horse of a different color. You have account for wind, water depth, ambient light, time of year. Yes, it looks cool in the movies, but when it's your job, it's not the same. Because when it goes wrong, you die or get seriously hurt. More than one Unit operator ended his career in a wheelchair or medically retired.

The other thing is that they think you're stupid and they're brilliant. Dick Cheney has this disease in spades. He lectured generals on the Civil War, men with doctorates, and planned to seize Baghdad Airport with the 82nd Airborne waiting for the armor, completely unaware that they tried that in a place called Nijmegen in 1944 and took a fearful beating. Their ideas trump your hard won experience.

Bush wanted to be the hero he always felt cheated out of. Instead, he's one of the worst presidents we've ever had and Congress is collapsing under him.

One can survive one example of raw criminality and incompetence. But not two. I don't see how the House stays Republican if the FBI is dragging in witnesses from the leadership on a case of child sex predation. Let's see, the fundies have to be reeling, the soccer moms and NASCAR dads cannot be happy with a middle age Congressman as a child sex predator. So why should the GOP retain the House? That's a hard argument to make anyway, harder as the FBI trolls around Congress.

posted by Steve @ 12:47:00 AM

12:47:00 AM

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