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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My dinner with Jen

Raw Bar

Sunday, I took Jen out for dinner.

While we talk all the time, we're both so busy that we have to actually plan to see each other. So we met at DBA so I could show her the new MacBook. As we sat there, every time Jen went to the bar, some clown would hit on her.

Now, this is not uncommon for me to see. Something about blonde hair and blue eyes makes men stupid. I have learned to find a great deal of humor in this, because, as I realized a while ago, it doesn't really work.

One assclown said I was more interested in the laptop than her, and she said, well, the reason we're here is because of the laptop. DBA has a wireless hookup.

What we were doing was actually choosing a place to go for dinner. I had expressed an interest in raw bar, and we were debating our seafood options. Oddly, for a port city, New York is not awash with seafood places. You can get a steak a lot easier.

So we're bouncing between Citysearch and Zagat, and we decide on Blue Ribbon, a fairly trendy seafood place in Soho. Jen's saying "you know, it's kind of expensive" and I waved her off. I didn't care, and the reason was simple. Jen helps me every day on the site, despite being really busy at work. So I decided to treat her to a nice dinner.

Normally, I'd buy her something electronic, but since I promised to help her with getting a new desktop, she's not getting anything electronic before the holidays. Nobody should work for free and if she's gets a free meal, it's the least I could do.

So, I figure a nice NY dinner wouldn't kill.

When we got to Blue Ribbon, there was an hour and a half wait for dinner. I was hungry, and I didn't want to drink for 90 more minutes.

When I went to college, Soho was pretty much lofts and warehouses. Fine dining was as unlikely as a cheap beer in a major league ballpark. It was major news when a brewpub opened up down there. It's a very different place now.

So there are like 100 restaurants jammed into the Soho/Tribeca/West Village area. It's funny how the fun and funky Greenwich Village area off NYU has now turned into a themepark for surburban and bridge and tunnel kids. When I was a college student, it still had some of that old flare from the 60's and 70's. Now, real dining downtown is below Houston.

So after we passed by an Italian place, we saw Aquagrill, which is just off 6th Ave. Now, Jen had been there before, with her mom, in fact. Now, if I was going to have a good meal, it's usually Peter Luger or Italian. But then, I used to plan my dining with guys. And you do not take your buddies out for fine dining without steak.

Ok, so we walk in, wearing sweaters, neat, but hardly dressed up. The Maitre D' asked up if we had reservations. I said no. He looked at us and said, oh well, they're late and you're here.

We laughed because we knew we could NEVER pull that off on anything but a Sunday night, a usually slow night for restaurants, maybe a Thursday.

Now, normally, you don't want to get seafood on a Sunday or Monday, but when your reputation relies on fresh seafood, ie trips to Hunts Point every morning, you can rest assured that you can trust the raw bar.

We order warm shrimp cocktail and the cocktail sauce is incredible, with fresh horseradish. Same with the oysters, and they come in shaved ice and the wait staff checks to make sure that you get the exact variety of oyster you ordered. Like either one of us could tell the difference.

Jen had boulliabaise for dinner and I had a steak. Why? Because I wanted a steak. See, seafood places ususally have chicken and steak on tap for people who don't want fish. Like steak places have lobster.

But I tried Jen's dinner and wow, the broth was amazing. It was so rich she couldn't finish it.

Anyway, afterwards, we split an apple tart for desert and had expressos. I don't usually have desert, but hell, why not. If you're having an awesome meal, why end it early? For what? A McDonald's Apple Pie?

I joked and said "oops, I forgot my wallet". She laughed and said "yeah, I've has someone do that to me a couple of times." That someone made more money than most of us two times over.

She asked me if she needed to chip in and I thought about asking for cash for the tip, but then I realized that this place was a credit card place all the way. So I paid the bill when she went to the ladies room.

You know, even though I'm single, it's actually rare for me to have a nice adult meal with Jen in an adult place. We do socialize with bloggers and stuff, but that's really a lot different than having dinner in a nice restaurant.

posted by Steve @ 12:38:00 AM

12:38:00 AM

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