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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mets sweep, Yankess lose three straight



Mets Win Bullpen Battle to Sweep Dodgers

Published: October 8, 2006

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 — Some of the Mets’ coaches got lost navigating the labyrinth of freeways surrounding Dodger Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

It has been a number of years since Manager Willie Randolph played here, so he could be excused for making a wrong turn here or there. An easy solution would have been to call any of his current charges who are ex-Dodgers. There are several of them, but three in particular wreaked havoc on their former teammates in sending the Mets to the next round of the playoffs.

Behind contributions from Paul Lo Duca, Shawn Green and Guillermo Mota, the Mets stampeded to a 9-5 victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers, completing a three-game sweep of their division series.

“All I know,” said Omar Minaya, the Mets’ general manager, “is that the only thing they’ll be talking about in the city of New York for the remainder of this season is National League baseball.”

A team that was left for dead after injuries to Pedro Martínez and Orlando Hernández decimated their rotation has won seven consecutive games and is the only New York team still alive in the playoffs. The Mets will face the winner of the St. Louis Cardinals-San Diego Padres series at Shea Stadium on Wednesday in the first game of the best-of-seven National League Championship Series.

The time off could benefit Cliff Floyd, who aggravated an injury to his left Achilles’ tendon while rounding third base in the third inning. He was examined by the team medical director, David Altchek, who diagnosed a strain that may keep him out for part of the next round.

The Mets’ starters, who allowed three runs in three games, are in perfect alignment for the N.L.C.S. Tom Glavine will most likely start Game 1, and John Maine or Steve Trachsel will fall in line behind him. This time, they will need a Game 4 starter, and that will probably be Oliver Pérez, although Randolph could turn to someone like Dave Williams.

On Saturday, the two starting pitchers, Trachsel and Greg Maddux, were removed in the fourth inning, turning this game into one of attrition. Whichever bullpen blinked first would lose. As he did in Game 1, Randolph used his bullpen liberally, relying on six relievers to finish the job. He also relied on the ex-Dodgers to wreak vengeance on their former team.

Lo Duca went 2 for 3 and drove in two runs. Green, returning to the lineup after sitting in Game 2, went 3 for 5 with two runs batted in. And Mota stymied the Dodgers by pitching two scoreless innings, the sixth and seventh, after they scored a combined five runs the previous two innings.

“It’s a little ironic,” Lo Duca said. “I got a broken-bat hit, Mota throws two scoreless innings and Shawn catches the final out of the game. If you believe in stuff like that, it’s a pretty good thing.”

Mets Win, Mets Win, Mets Win

Fuck the fucking loser Yankees.

Seriously, though. For good or ill, the Mets are a team, the Tigers are a team, the Yankees are a collection of role players collecting fat paychecks. Alex Rodriguez is a little whiny beetoch. Nobody loves me, nobody understands me. Please.

Look at the kind of people playing for the Yankees. You've got Giambi, Sheffield, A-Rod, not one of these guys define team player for me. Then you have the weasel Carl Pavano. Is he ever gonna earn Steinbrenner's money? What model, what car accident? He even had his mommy speaking for him.

Steinbrenner has the best players money can buy. But he doesn't have a team. He hasn't got people who want to win. The Mets most certainly do, starting with Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph. This is the sixth year that the Yankees have been a stepping stone for the rest of the league, the foil for heroes. Yankee fans talk about how great their team is, how great their players are, but the reality is that they haven't won anything in a while and at some point you can't just buy players to win. You have to have a team that wants to win, a team without juiceheads and selfish bastards. As long as the Yankees treat building a team like a jigsaw puzzle and not a carefully done task, they'll provide more wonderful moments......for other teams.

Oh yeah, fuck the fuckin' loser Yankees.

Mets win, Mets win, Mets win.

posted by Steve @ 2:00:00 AM

2:00:00 AM

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