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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 30, 2006

It just gets better

Now, I am getting amused by this race. Allen tripped a wire with Webb and he's going to beat him like he beat Ollie North at Annapolis.

In 1968, when they still had college boxing, Webb and North fought each other and reportedly, Webb kicked North's ass.

Mary Matalin Attacks, Webb Campaign Responds

Sun Oct 29, 2006 at 06:32:41 PM PDT

From the Webb campaign comes senior strategist Steve Jarding's response to Mary Matalin, who helps raise money for George Allen and previously worked for Dick "Waterboarding" Cheney...

P.S. I've made a few edits just to break up a really long paragraph and make this visually more appealing on the page.

To: Mary Matalin
From: Steve Jarding
Re: Until you have run a race in Virginia, you might refrain from acting as an expert here.


Yesterday, you sent out a statement from the Allen campaign commenting on Jim Webb and Virginia campaigns. A couple points.: First, you said that Jim Webb is running the "most personally negative campaign in Virginia history." You even said that the Webb campaign has run "the worst attempt at character assassination in Virginia history." That is rich Mary, even for you. And besides, how would you know? You have never run a campaign here. Until you have, I suggest you quit playing reporters for idiots. They see what has gone on here. Before you attempt to rewrite the history of this campaign, get your facts right. The truth is that this campaign has been the "most personally negative campaign in Virginia history" and this has been "the worst attempt at character assassination in Virginia history" because George Allen, not Jim Webb is waging it.

Allen has not run an ad in this campaign that was not an outright lie and distortion of Jim Webb's words and actions. He even went on statewide television in an overblown hyped joke of an ad saying he wanted to run a clean, issue-based campaign, only to see a negative Allen ad run right before the two minute snow job ad did. Then four days later, Allen ran a new negative ad. Mary, we are not that dumb in Virginia. We see through this charade. Then, in one television ad, Allen actually cites himself as the source for his claim that Webb would raise taxes (Nice work. Mary, did they teach your young operatives this in Dirty Politics 101?)

In another ad, Allen has a woman contending that Jim Webb "misquoted" her in a story in which she was not even quoted and in which she offered the additional lie that she was a "Democrat" when we don't register by party in Virginia and voting records show that she votes in Republican primaries (You must be proud to work with these bozos.) The Allen campaign has yet another ad suggesting Jim was responsible for Tailhook, when Webb wasn't even there at the time - don't let the truth get in the way of a good sleazy ad Mary.

Oh, and then there is the ad saying Jim doesn't think that marriage should only be between a man and a woman - when that is the only position he has ever taken on that issue - and you guys know it! (So, now you've stooped to lying about a man's religious beliefs - on what page of your family values playbook did that little gem come from?)

Mary, the Allen campaign has repeatedly attempted to assassinate Jim Webb's character, unfortunately for you and them, it is tough to kill someone when you are shooting blanks. Mary, you should have stopped these political Neanderthals before they destroyed your 2008 horse. But that race isn't happening anymore now is it. And the truth is these guys are Neanderthals because they reflect their leader. And as you heard Jim Webb say on Saturday, "a fish rots from the head down."

Second, you claim in your little notice to reporters, that "George Allen's record is an open book." Really. Well, good to know. Then I guess you will be handing over those sealed Allen divorce records that reporters have been asking for. And I guess you will be offering the two Allen arrest records from the 1970s that mysteriously disappeared from court files - reporters have been clamoring for those as well. Then too, Senator Open Book will now finally tell reporters how he made all that personal money from various companies while he did them electoral favors!

I guess Senator Open Book will quit hiding from reporters like a snake under a rock and will begin to answer their questions, do their interviews and will quit screening their questions on conference calls, and will quit having them "submit" questions to the campaign for Allen to answer instead of putting him on the phone with reporters? They will be so glad to hear this, as will all the voters in Virginia who have seen their phony, tough, cowboy, macho Senator Open Book look more like Barney Fife than Marshal Dillon in this campaign.

Finally, Mary, on the matter of a person's character, how about having Senator Open Book explain to the League of Women Voters how he could make a promise to them-- in writing-- in a contract no less--and then break it by using footage from their debate in television ads.

Then too, Senator Open Book signed his name to an ethics report in the Senate - knowing he had lied on it, was hiding stock options from the committee, but didn't seem to care. Gee, that one doesn't look too good either Mary.

Character does matter, Mary. A person's word does matter, Mary. The problem with George Allen's campaign is that Jim Webb is the candidate who keeps his word and who is the candidate with character and your horse isn't. That's probably why you were forced to say such ridiculous things in your little statement to reporters.

Now, here's the Allen campaign press release by Mary Matalin:

Mary Matalin of the Allen Campaign Responds to Webb's Latest Round of False, Negative Attacks

For Immediate Release:
October 29, 2006
Contact: Press Office

Webb's Writings Cause Him to Continue the Most Personally Negative Campaign in Virginia History

ARLINGTON, VA - Mary Matalin, informal advisor to the Allen campaign, responded today to Jim Webb's latest round of false, negative attacks with the following statement:

"Mr. Webb has promoted himself as a writer as he has run for U.S. Senate. Virginia's voters are now looking at his writings, which even he said were inappropriate to read over the radio.

"Time and time again, when voters scrutinize Jim Webb's record, his campaign has launched false negative attacks against George Allen. As disappointed as Virginians are by Jim Webb's latest attacks, this is not surprising coming from someone whose campaign has been behind a coordinated series of false, negative smears that have been the worst attempt at character assassination in Virginia history.

"Look, George Allen's record is an open book. Whether as Governor or Senator, people can see what he's stood for and accomplished as a public official. I can't imagine him losing control and lashing out like Jim Webb did with lies and negative personal attacks if someone questioned one of his votes in the Senate or one of his vetoes as Governor. This is more disturbing behavior from Jim Webb and his campaign, and Virginians will reject his mean spirited false smears and attacks."

Lowell Feld is Netroots Coordinator for the Jim Webb for US Senate Campaign. The ideas expressed here belong to Lowell Feld alone, and do not represent those of Jim Webb, his advisors, staff, or supporters.
It's a funny thing. The more Allen says, the more Webb can use his record, share his experiences. It seems to be a real problem for the Allen campaign. The more they talk, the more that they look stupid.

posted by Steve @ 12:46:00 AM

12:46:00 AM

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