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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 09, 2006

How to fail, Bush editions

We can go boom too. Next stop, Tokyo.

The Bush failure in North Korea has it's roots in Cheney's desire for regime change. Which is insane on it's face.

The South Korean economy cannot suddenly take on the ecomony of Haiti, which in describing North Korea is generous, one so militarized and brainwashed, that their reaction to the end of the Kim Il Jong regime is incredibly unpredictable.

The Democratic Senate talking points are a short hand summary of Bush's weakness.

President Bush’s North Korean Failure

President Bush’s North Korean policy is one of failure. Over the past six years, Kim Jong Il has withdrawn from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, increased his plutonium stockpiles and continued testing missiles that he exports to the Middle East and Africa. And now, it seems, North Korea has tested its first nuclear weapon. The Bush Administration’s policy towards Pyongyang has made America less safe. It’s time for a new direction.

Under President Bush’s Watch, North Korea Has Dramatically Increased Its Weapons Material Stockpile. When President Bush took office in 2000, Pyongyang had enough fissile material to manufacture 1-2 nuclear weapons. Today, experts believe that North Korea possesses material sufficient to build between 4 and 13 nuclear weapons and, unless an agreement is reached to stop the country’s program, it is estimated that Pyongyang will have enough material to manufacture between 8 and 17 nuclear weapons by 2008. [Institute for Science and International Security, 6/26/06]

Ø Under Bush’s Watch, North Korea Has Increased its Stockpiles of Plutonium – Under Clinton, No Plutonium Was Produced. A study by the National Security Advisory Group drew upon the analysis of the Group’s chairman, former Defense Secretary Bill Perry, and more than a dozen national security experts including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and former Assistant Secretaries of Defense Ash Carter, Graham Allison, Michele Flournoy, and found that the amount of plutonium produced by North Korea under the last three presidents to have been:

o Bush I: one to two bombs’ worth of plutonium

o Clinton: zero plutonium

o Bush II: 4-6 nuclear weapons’ worth of plutonium and counting

Under Bush’s Watch, North Korea Withdrew from the Non Proliferation Treaty. Between December 2002 and January 2003, North Korea ejected IAEA inspectors and announced its withdrawal from the Non Proliferation Treaty. [Arms Control Today, July/August 2006]

Under Bush’s Watch, North Korea Tested Numerous Missiles. “The Taepodong-2 was the third of at least six missiles launched beginning at 2:33 p.m. EDT and ending four hours later. They included two short-range Scud missiles and three medium-range Nodongs, another type of Scud, Hadley said. It was the first time in recent memory that North Korea had launched so many missiles at once.” [Washington Post, 7/5/06]

Failures of Bush Diplomacy Have Led to the Current Impasse. “The Bush administration has tried to ignore North Korea, then, reluctantly, to engage it, and then to squeeze its bankers in a manner intended to make the country's leader, Kim Jong Il, personally feel the pinch. Yet none of these steps in the past six years has worked. So now, after a barrage of missile launchings by North Korea, President Bush and his national security advisers found themselves on Wednesday facing what one close aide described as an array of ‘familiar bad choices.’” [New York Times, 7/6/06]

While Other Presidents Had Difficulties with North Korea, Bush’s Policies Have Made the Problem Worse. “Dealing with North Korea has frustrated every president since Truman. But it has proved particularly vexing for Mr. Bush because his administration has engaged in a six-year internal argument about whether to negotiate with the country or try to plot its collapse — it has sought to do both, simultaneously — and because America's partners in dealing with North Korea each have differing interests in North Korea's future.” [New York Times, 6/6/06]

Under Bush’s Watch North Korea Has Continued to Violate Basic Human Rights. “Thousands of North Koreans languish in forced labor camps, where torture is endemic. Many die in prison because of mistreatment, malnutrition, and lack of medical care. The government of North Korea has consistently refused to allow U.N. human rights rapporteurs and other independent and impartial organizations to investigate the situation inside North Korea, despite two successive resolutions of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights urging that it do so.” [Human Rights Watch, Letter to United Nations Security Council, 9/16/06]

Yep, the adults are in charge. The same adults which turns their back on child sex predators and crazy Asian dictators.

How much more Bush failure can we afford?

posted by Steve @ 4:05:00 PM

4:05:00 PM

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