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Monday, October 02, 2006

He's a friend.....who wants to fuck you

Nice dogs, look at the pretty dogs.

Former Pages Describe Foley as Caring Ally

Published: October 2, 2006

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 — In the hierarchy of Congress, the high school students who serve as Congressional pages fall somewhere near the bottom, seemingly invisible as they scurry through the hallways of the Capitol ferrying messages to powerful lawmakers who often fail to give them a second glance.

In that rarefied world, Representative Mark Foley, the silver-haired Republican from Florida, stood out.

He took pains to befriend the 16- and 17-year-old aides, several former pages said in interviews on Sunday. He chatted with them on the House floor, they said, sent handwritten notes and urged them to keep in touch when they left Washington for their hometowns.

In 2002, he even stood up on the floor of the House, his eyes welling with tears, and commended the young men and women for their year of service. In his speech, Mr. Foley mentioned several of the high school students by name, describing a handwritten note to celebrate one young man’s graduation and a lunch with another at Morton’s steak house.

Ashley Gallo, a 21-year-old former page who is now a senior at Western Michigan University, said on Sunday that many of her friends had viewed Mr. Foley as one of the few lawmakers who made a real effort to reach out to young people.

“You didn’t have a lot of interaction with the members because most of them treated you like a kid, but he was pretty friendly,” said Ms. Gallo, who served as a page in 2001. “He would talk to people,” she said.

“He would say, ‘Here’s my e-mail address if you want to keep in touch.’ I don’t think anyone thought anything of it. They saw him as a mentor or a reference.”

Mr. Foley’s resignation on Friday, following the disclosure of his sexually explicit Internet and cellphone messages to pages, left many former pages shaken. And on Sunday, they burned up the phone lines and sent e-mail messages flying as they reached out to their old friends who remain tight-knit years after leaving Capitol Hill.

Patrick McDonald, 21, a senior at Ohio State University, said he took Mr. Foley up on his invitation to keep in touch and sent him an e-mail message asking about internship opportunities two years after he completed his work as a page in 2002. He said that he kept up a casual e-mail conversation — chatting about the 2004 presidential election, among other things — with Mr. Foley for several months and that it never became inappropriate.

“If a congressman was talking to you, it was the best thing in the world,” Mr. McDonald said. “And he made himself known to the pages in the first couple of weeks, befriending us, asking us how we were doing. He was one of the cool congressmen. He was willing to chill out with us.”

But despite Mr. Foley’s warm demeanor, Mr. McDonald and another former page said they later became aware that the lawmaker might have a darker side. Mr. McDonald said he learned that Mr. Foley had sexually explicit Internet conversations with several pages who had left the program. “I was disgusted, but I was not surprised when these revelations started circulating,” he said.

Child sex predators always claim to be "helping" children as they hunt them. Kinda like when Ted Nugent says he's helping deer by hunting them.

A child sex predator will use their position to get close to their target. Friendliness becomes a lure. But most adults keep an arm's length from the pages to avoid any issues like allegations of sexual harassment. Foley repeatedly broke that wall.

Child sex predators can lay many lures for their potential victims, one of which is affability. Now, just like Michael Jackson could have thousands of kids at Neverland, with nothing happening, Foley was seen as friendly with the pages, male and female, but he saved his attentions for his special targets. My bet is that he picked his targets carefully, looks, interests, receptiveness. Whatever twigged him to his targets, it wasn't random in the slighest. I'll bet 100 bucks to a dollar that the boys targeted by child sex predator Foley shared several characteristics in common.

Foley was very picky about what he did and who he did it with.

I would bet that there are more than a few pages and young staffers who have more than dirty e-mails to talk about concerning Foley.

But we've saved the best (or worst) for last.

posted by Steve @ 2:13:00 AM

2:13:00 AM

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