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Friday, October 27, 2006

The GOP Civil War

Richard Viguerie: Halloween Scare Tactics Won’t Work for GOP; Republicans Must Propose a New Contract With the Voters and Promise to Govern Differently

(Manassas, Virginia) Richard A. Viguerie, author of the new book, Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books), warned Republicans that scare tactics against Democrats will not succeed in increasing social or economic conservative voters on election day.

“The big-spending, high-deficit, morally-deficient Republican Party hasn’t anything to offer conservatives except Halloween scare tactics about the Democrats. But since the GOP majority in Congress has engaged in an unprecedented spending spree, conservatives know that Democrats cannot be any worse and that divided government may lead to less spending,” Viguerie said.

“And conservatives have learned that, while Republicans sometimes provide significant symbolism on social issues, in truth, many of them have a disdain for values voters,” he added.

“Trying to frighten conservatives by yelling ‘Nancy Pelosi’ and ‘Harry Reid’ won’t work this time. As I mention in the Introduction to Conservatives Betrayed, similar tactics didn’t work in 1948, 1960, 1976, and 1992 either,” he said.

Viguerie said that, for the Republican Party to retain its majorities in the House and Senate, President Bush and Congressional leaders should convene a summit to spell out specifically what they would actually do if they were left in power. He said Republicans should enter into a new contract with the voters to include such items as:

  • A complete termination of “earmarks” and pork barrel spending in appropriations bills. Opposition to all increases in non-defense spending.
  • A constitutional amendment to balance the budget and limit taxes.
  • Making permanent all of the temporary tax cuts and pushing for significant additional tax relief.
  • Recommit to securing the border with Mexico to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.
  • Fighting hard for the confirmation of strict constructionists to the federal judiciary.
  • Energy independence through increased exploration for oil, development of coal resources, and expansion of nuclear energy.
  • Appointment of many more Reagan-type conservatives, rather than big-business establishment Republicans.
  • Senate confirmation of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador.

“Many conservatives and moderates have tuned out the Republican Congressional leaders. But President Bush owns the world’s largest microphone. If he will use it to make serious promises on issues that grassroots conservatives can relate to, voters might give Republicans one more chance,” Viguerie said.

Yeah, they're not conservative enough. But it's time to stir shit up, because someone has to be blamed and the conservatives are gonna scream they need to clap harder.

posted by Steve @ 12:26:00 AM

12:26:00 AM

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