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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goddamn liar

Dear Steve,
Join the RNC

In less than a month, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new U.S. House and Senate, 36 Governors, and hundreds of state legislators.

The November 7 elections will determine the direction our nation will take, not just for the next two years, but for years to come.

That is why I am personally committed to helping our GOP candidates win. Laura and Vice President Cheney are also spending as much time as they can campaigning in every region of the country.

I hope I can count on you to help, too, by doing two important things:

1) Make an urgent online gift to the Republican National Committee of $25, $50, $100 or more to help fully fund our final get-out-the vote efforts; and

2) Make certain you, your family and friends who support our bold, optimistic Republican agenda vote on November 7.

Will you help me and our Republican candidates again today? Your generous donation to the RNC is the single most important contribution you can make to ensure we maintain our GOP majorities in the U.S. Congress.

Voters have a clear choice to make on Election Day, Steve.

It's a choice between Republicans who understand the most important responsibility we have is to protect and defend the people of the United States.

Or Democrats who will wave the white flag of surrender in the global war on terror and deny the tools needed to achieve victory.

It's a choice of whether we move forward with our pro-growth polices that have created more than 5.5 million new jobs since August 2003 and kept taxes low so you have more of your own money to spend and invest as you see fit.

Or whether the opposition will turn back the gains we have made by raising taxes on working families and effectively stifling economic growth.

It's a choice of whether we will continue to confirm judges to the federal bench who strictly interpret the Constitution, not legislate from the bench.

Or whether Democrats will block our well-qualified nominees in favor of activist judges who want to invent new laws.

On issue after issue, the Republican Party is working to represent your interests and protect your values.

If the Democrats retake the U.S. House and Senate, they will immediately move to reinstate the failed policies of the past.

Their policies will cost American jobs, weaken our nation's security and devastate our economy.

To meet the challenges of the historic times in which we live, we must elect Republican majorities to the U.S. House and Senate.

That means we must get every Republican, like-minded Independent and discerning Democrat voter who supports our optimistic, hopeful agenda for America to the polls on Election Day.

Your contribution to the RNC will help pay for advertising, absentee ballots and the Get-Out-The-Vote drives that our candidates need to win.

The opposition and their liberal special interest group allies are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to distort our message of hope, freedom and opportunity.

I am counting on active RNC Sustaining Members like you to give your support one last time. With your help, we can fully implement the policies that are the foundation of America's continuing security, prosperity and stability.

Time is short, Steve. I hope you will respond today.


George W. Bush

P.S. Steve, it is vital that we maintain our Republican majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. We must also elect more GOP Governors and state officials up and down the ballot. Winning is critical to keeping our bold, responsible agenda for America on track.

I'm counting on you to visit this secure website and make a special campaign gift of $25, $50 or $100 to the RNC today to help win nationwide Republican victories. Thank you.

So, all those Democrats in uniform, they're going to surrender to Al Qaeda. When I look at the two parties, one has veterans, one has chickenhawks.

The Democrats don't put out fundraises saying "George Bush will kill your kids for his ego" He won't tell you how many people are dying in Iraq, 600K, 300K, 100k, whatever the number is, it's frightful.

But to suggest that Democrats don't want to defend the US is a goddamn lie and unworthy of even Bush. With the fundies soon to be enraged, desperate attacks are to be expected, but shameful ones as well?

posted by Steve @ 11:25:00 AM

11:25:00 AM

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