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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fear is stinking up the room

Ford Family reunion. Can't you hear them

TN-SEN: Corker Radio Ad Has Tom-Tom Drums During Mentions Of Ford

Okay, so Election Central has just obtained a radio ad which you've got to hear: It actually has what sounds like tom-tom drums playing in the background every time the ad talks about Dem Harold Ford, Jr. The ad -- which says it was paid for by the campaign of GOP Senate candidate Bob Corker -- can be heard right here. When the ad mentions Corker, the music soars and no tom-toms are audible. Throughout the entire minute-long ad, you hear the rumble of tom-toms every time Ford is mentioned. This ad, keep in mind, quotes Bob Corker himself as having "approved" the message -- meaning it wasn't the work of the Republican National Committee, as in the case of the recent "bimbo" TV ad which drew charges of racism. More after the jump.

We got a copy of the ad from a producer from WGOW radio in Chatanooga. Bill Lockhart, the program director for WGOW, confirmed the authenticity of the ad and that it's running on the station. "They're freaking jungle-drums," Lockhart tells us. "It's racist -- it tries to conjure up deep, dark African moods. Yeah, it's overtly racial."

It's pretty interesting that this ad is running, wouldn't you say? After all, Corker disavowed the similar tactics in the recent "bimbo" ad which stirred controversy and charges of racism. The bimbo ad, which featured an actress playing what used to be called a "floozy." As you surely know by now, she claimed to she'd met Ford at a "Playboy" party and asked Ford to "call me." For some reason, people got the idea that it was supposed to be playing on fears of interracial sex, and they got very upset about it. Corker himself has called on local stations not to run the bimbo TV spot, saying that it "went too far."

But the RNC has been unapologic about the ad, and it's continued to run.

Now -- despite Corker's disavowal of the racially-questionable tactics in the bimbo spot -- we get this new spot with the tom-toms. Apparently this one doesn't go "too far" for Corker at all.

We contacted WGOW radio to ask about the ad after reader C.C. wrote in telling us that he'd overheard two local talk show hosts discussing the ad:

This morning about 6:45 I'm getting ready for work and have the radio tuned to the local mega talk station. The hosts are talking about the heat that the Corker/RNC ads are picking up, but are pretty neutral on them themselves, suggesting that the ruckus--and the suggestions of racism--are overblown. They're going through some callers, when one says, "That's nothing. Have you heard the jungle drums on the radio ad?"...

So they play it, and, sure enough, the caller's right. Soaring music underneath the copy when discussing Corker's merits, jungle-like drumming when cutting to Ford's demerits. The hosts were stone-silent when it finished, until one whistled, and said, "Damn." They both agreed that the drumming--and the intent--was obvious.

The talk show hosts, apparently, did think the ad may have gone just a bit too far. The Corker campaign didn't immediately return a call for comment.

You can listen to the ad right here.

posted by Steve @ 7:09:00 PM

7:09:00 PM

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