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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Do something

He wants you to vote Republican

GOTV Hotlist

We've been hearing a lot about the GOP's get-out-the-vote machine, so let's take a look at what Democrats have been up to:

DNC state-level organizers have been contacting drop-off Democrats-those who vote in presidential elections but not midterms-and have reached half a million in Pennsylvania alone in the past year and a half. Roughly 4,500 of those contacted have taken an active role in this election, displaying a yard sign or staffing a phone bank. "We're doing exactly what we need to do to be organized ..." says Claire McCaskill, the challenger to Republican Jim Talent in Missouri's tight Senate race. "This year just feels so much different than last time."

Unlike the centralized Republican effort, the DNC and the Democrats' House and Senate election committees are each running separate turnout programs. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put $10 million into its effort, more than twice as much as in 2002, and started working last summer with 40 Democratic House campaigns-mostly challengers-to create field programs that could replicate the GOP's 72-hour plan. The DCCC is also microtargeting voters for the first time, identifying Democratic voters in majority Republican areas rather than simply working Democratic strongholds.

Simply put, every vote counts in every competitive race. As Mike Podhorzer over at AFL-CIO has emphasized:

Easily forgotten is how close 15 of the Republicans' victories were in 1994. Had Democrats in key districts won a combined 52,000 more votes, there would have been no "Speaker Gingrich." That failure continues to devastate our country.
Every vote counts. Take some time and email everyone in your address book and remind them to vote Democratic on November 7th. Follow up again on Election Day.
Get involved. Stay involved. Make history.

posted by Steve @ 4:49:00 PM

4:49:00 PM

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