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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Curt Weldon proves his idiocy

Weldon, Sestak duke it out in Delco debate
By BOB WARNER 215-854-5885

It's safe to say: The gloves are off in Delaware County's congressional race.

U. S. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., and his Democratic opponent, retired Navy Admiral Joseph A. Sestak, came out swinging yesterday in a debate sponsored by the county chamber of commerce.

It was their first joint appearance since last week's disclosure that the FBI has been investigating links between Weldon's activities and his daughter's lobbying and consulting firm.

Although the questions were supposed to be limited to business issues, Sestak began drawing blood with his opening statement, during which he welcomed Weldon to the Springfield County Club, right in Sestak's hometown - in fact, the very place where Sestak's younger brother needed an interview with the township Republican leader, Charles P. Sexton Jr., to get a summer job as a lifeguard in the mid-1970s.

(Sexton says it never happened, that he didn't control the township swimming pool in the mid-'70s and couldn't remember ever interviewing a candidate for lifeguard, anytime.)

Sestak described how he'd gone to elementary school at St. Kevin's, right next door, and to Cardinal O'Hara High School, just down the road, before signing up for the Naval Academy during the Vietnam War.

"Unlike others, I decided I did want to serve my country," Sestak said.

That was apparently a bit too pointed for Weldon, who got a teaching deferment to avoid the Vietnam draft and never served in the military. Weldon said he had put himself in harm's way as a volunteer fireman, stuck between an oil tanker and a refinery fire.

"Have you ever faced a similar situation, Joe, or are you always in the admiral's quarters, drinking out of your wine goblets and being waited on by your sailor servants?" Weldon asked.

Oooh, he was in a fire. Well, Joe Sestak was lucky he didn't burn alive in his cockpit. See, aircraft carriers are insanely dangerous places, one can get killed on them very easily. One bolt sucked into a jet intake and you can kill a bunch of teenagers. One weapon misfire, like on McCain's old ship, the Oriskany, and you have a true disaster.

Most cruises end with someone being killed through a mishap.

This is the easiest information on earth to get by watching TV. Now, I've been on the Kennedy during Fleet Week, and I have a friend who worked on the Tarawa . Dangerous work. Maybe the most dangerous working environment on earth.

Sestak, as commander of a carrier battle group, commanded more destructive power than World War II's Eighth Air Force. On orders from Washington, he could launch a nuclear war within seconds. Only a few men ever have that kind of power in the US military. Weldon may want to keep his seat, but insulting carrier sailors, which is what he did, is the act of a desperate scumbag.

Oh, but we're not finished with scumbaggery.

Revving up the base in Rolling Meadows

Roskam told the crowd at the GOP's campaign headquarters that the "entire world is watching this campaign" against Democrat Tammy Duckworth for the west suburban seat being given up by retiring Rep. Henry Hyde.

As proof, he said a radio producer told him that Al Jazeera--the Arabic language news network--had covered his debate with Duckworth last week. The crowd gasped.

"Now that's a real interesting group that would come out and cover the 6th Congressional District," Roskam observed. "Al Jazeera has an interest in who wins in the 6th Congressional District? I'm telling ya, let's send them an answer, whaddya say?" The crowd cheered.

Earlier, he accused Duckworth of wanting to cut and run

Maj. Tammy Duckworth, US Army (Ret.) lost both legs after being shot down by guerrillas in Iraq. She still uses a wheelchair. I doubt Peter Roskam can find Iraq on a map, much less have the stones to fly 11B's into combat.

What this is, simply, is desperation. Only problem, we have a clear idea of the character of the GOP, no errors, ever, even when children are being molested. So they can play Swiftboat all they want. Maybe Roskam and Weldon can explain their military service, oh, that's right, they're chickenhawks.

We know, when the chips are down, they leave children on their own against predatory adults.

posted by Steve @ 5:59:00 PM

5:59:00 PM

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