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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 09, 2006

About integrity

Animals protect children, why can't Congress?

I'm tired of people talking about age of consent, gay bashing and other irrelevant issues when it comes to Foley.

None of those matter.


We're talking about integrity. The ability to correct injustice and error honestly.

I've seen some defenses of Jim Kolbe, and frankly, I think they're bullshit. When you have a man who is hitting on pages and making them feel uncomfortable, you don't yell at him. You go to his bosses. You make sure he doesn't enter leadership, you work to limit his contact with pages. You don't sit by silently for months, years over it.

But frankly, Koble is no model of rectitude, either.

Not only did he keep Foley's secret, and not make it an issue with the House leadership, he too was offering his home to pages. Unsupervised.

Would you give a teenager a mortgage? No. So why would you let a strange kid stay in your home with no adult supervision? Why is he one of the few other Congressmen to have contact with pages informally. Where are the women who do this? The women working with the pages?

Don't the female pledges have a goto person? I'd really like to know if female pages got the same attention male pages did from Kolbe. We know they didn't from Foley.

Gay Bashing? Uh, folks, when a group of gays know one of their own is approaching teenagers in a sexual way, protecting him does little to enhance their reputation. Some troll mentioned NAMBLA being in Gay Rights parades. And that was true in the early 80's. They were accepted as everyone else was. But over time, as more gays had families, the idea of NAMBLA became repellent. No more lectures, no more widespread acceptance. They still march in some parades, but they're outsiders. In others, they're banned outright.

NAMBLA's public decline came because of rejection in the gay community. They made it clear that the gay rights agenda and NAMBLA were not related.

Well, the reason gay Republicans have a problem is because they turned their backs on a child sex predator. They didn't have the integrity to make his conduct an issue. I don't care if Republicans are gay. They have to live with that contradiction. But when they didn't make Foley's conduct an issue, then they have to live with the fallout.

It's all about integrity. And their lack of it.

Child sex predators use the people around them as a shield. They create a persona of amiability, good will and other cloaks to shield their darkness from other people.

Why did so many people want to protect Mark Foley and why did they do it for so long? I think, in the end, it was their arrogance. They wanted to believe they controlled a situation they didn't control, couldn't control and never realized it.

But when does common sense enter the picture? They told Foley in 2000, 2003 and 2005? Come on. I bet they told him before 2000 as well. And at no point, no one said
"let's talk about this with a child psychologist" or a cop. And no one talked to Kolbe after seeing Foley's antics? I mean, at some point, you might want to make sure that everything involving the pages didn't have any appearance of impropriety. And if Kolbe is inviting strange teens to stay in his house, well, that's worthy of some questioning as well.

Congressmen are powerful people. Their use of that power has to be monitored. Even with the best of motives, unchaperoned teens and college students in your home is asking for trouble. What if someone was hurt or attacked in Kolbe's home while he wasn't there. Why would he take that risk? Someone needs to ask about his involvement with pages as well. And every Congressmember who had outside contact with them for personal reasons.

Trust is long gone now. We need answers.

posted by Steve @ 2:58:00 AM

2:58:00 AM

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