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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

They think we's stupid

See, I deserved to be whipped. I was bad

Steele Backer Courts Mfume

Darlene Jackson wants Democrat Kweisi Mfume to consider supporting Republican Michael Steele for Senate, and wrote a startling open letter this morning to Mfume that she distributed to the group she heads, the Black Republican Council of Maryland.

In it, she says prominent black politicians -- including U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings and state Sen. Nathaniel McFadden (D-Baltimore) -- are "walking behind the mule" by supporting Democrat Benjamin Cardin.

Here's an excerpt of her letter:

"Walking behind the mule, these Black democrats got the blues. Michael C. Dawson, in his book Behind the Mule, asserts that 'the foundation of the blues is walking behind the mule way back in slavery time.' Therefore, I submit that Cummings, McFadden and the others need not to walk behind the mule. Mfume, your hard work, extending over four decades, got rid of all that. Now, Cummings and his 2-live crew want to return to the mule."

Jackson's group has been a longtime advocate of Steele's, and routinely writes letters encouraging its membership to get on board the Steele campaign.

Jackson's letter yesterday praised Mfume for his strong showing in the Democratic primary. In predominately African American communities, Mfume won by wide magins, and lost overall by only two percentage points. That's been encouraging to Steele aides, who believe there is a strong desire among black voters to see Maryland send an African American to the U.S. Senate this year, regardless of party affiliation.

Jackson called it a positive sign that Mfume failed to attend Cardin's rally in front of Baltimore City Hall yesterday, where Cummings, McFadden and others pledged their support for the Democrat.

Mfume's reason for missing the rally was unclear. He has hinted strongly that he will be endorsing Cardin, and Cardin said at yesterday's rally he expects Mfume to announce his support soon. But his absence yesterday was noticed.

As Jackson put it, "No one saw you in front of Baltimore City Hall yesterday, shaking hands with the contender-pretender. The truth is the Maryland Democratic Party needs you, now. But why would it risk its loyal support to anoint all white men to the November ticket? Mfume, I say take your time and do what is best for your people even if it means crossing over."
Black Republicans always play the race card when they want you to do something. But when asked to actually stand with black people against their Republican masters, they always fail to do so.

Then, they always insult black Democrats, who have the support of the majority of the community. Do they think these insults work? Do they think that gains support from people or draws their contempt? What they never seem to realize that when they insult popular black officials and then seek to court their voters.

Just because Michael Steele is black doesn't mean he represents the community's interests. You know, most of the time, Jackson and Sharpton ask people to vote based on interests. Even in the contested Brooklyn congressional race, compentence was as much in play as race. Steele has no record of supporting blacks or their interests.

Clarence Thomas played that card, I'm black, support me. But when it came time to support black people, he was nowhere to be found. He even sold out his own sister to make himself look good.

Michael Steele has never stood for the interest of black people, yet assumes he can be black enough to get black voters without delivering for them. Ask Al Wynn how that's going.

posted by Steve @ 5:18:00 PM

5:18:00 PM

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