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Monday, September 25, 2006

The sinkhole of the Internet

Stick a bottle in his mouth

Our friend and fellow NYU alum August J. Pollak swings for the fences for whiny beeotch Brendan Nyhan.

Just to recap: After being humilated for writing something blatantly wrong about Atrios for no reason other than his Spinsanity-era style of attacking liberals for the sake of personal amusement, Nyhan sees this as a sign of liberals being unable to "deal with" his Spinsanity-era style of god-like proclamations blessed upon him by the higher authority that is the ability to pay $8.95/month for bandwidth. Nyhan is asked by the editors of the left-leaning online publication that hired him to actually be a left-leaning writer, and realizing he isn't going to be paid to bitch about more popular liberals while pretending to be one he quits, then proceeds to whine about it on the blog- a bastion of political intellect so shown by its hiring of Ana Marie Cox, the woman who knows absolutely nothing about actual politics, and Andrew Sullivan, the man who has been absolutely wrong about everything for the last four and a half years. In this auspicious venue, he laments the actions of major publications not taking political writing seriously. For an encore, Nyhan suggests the American Prospect has nowhere near the credibility of The New Republic, which has seen the departure of multiple writers and editors in recent years for various major infractions of journalistic ethics.

All in all, it really makes you wonder how the Prospect could have let a catch like that slip through their hands.

Look at who their Internet editor is and ask yourself why such shitty pieces are running in Time. We're no longer discussing gossip and anal sex.

I mean, who the fuck cares about Nyhan's "non-partisan" bullshit. Am I supposed to pity him because Mike Tomasky got tired of his bullshit. My ass has the credibility of TNR and I have at least 40K more readers than they do. Nyhan wants some kind of think tank or media job where he can shit on liberals and play patty cake with conservatives and he got called on it.

posted by Steve @ 1:22:00 AM

1:22:00 AM

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