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Friday, September 15, 2006

Racist King scares Jews

Human scumbag Pete King

NY-03: Peter King Starts His Smear Campaign
by Dave Mejias for Congress
Fri Sep 15, 2006 at 10:19:54 AM PDT

You would think a fourteen year incumbent Congressman would have a lot of positive things to say about his record in a reelection campaign. You would think an incumbent Congressman who claims he's in no danger of defeat would ignore his opponent. Not Peter King. He's kicked off his campaign with a campaign mailing that attacks me! And while I'm honored that King takes me seriously enough to attack in his first campaign mailing, he's made it very clear how he plans to try to win: smear his opponent, and run a campaign based on fear and divisiveness. It's a typical Republican tactic across the country - we've seen in the Virginia and Montana senate races, as well as countless House races. Now the Rove-approved, fear-based campaign tactics have finally come to Long Island.

His letter uses an opinion piece in the New York Post to claim that I am being supported by the leaders of the Islamic Center in Westbury, located in the 3rd Congressional District, and that these leaders are Muslim extremists.

Even worse, he targeted his letter to Jewish voters in the district, playing the fear card to try and strip away support from my campaign.

I wish I could say that's the worst of the story, but it isn't. Turns out, Peter King has taken contributions from the very same leaders of the very same Islamic Center.

Let me break that down for you: I accepted contributions from three leaders at the Islamic Center in Westbury, and Peter King has attacked me for taking their money. The problem is, Peter King took their money too, and he even took more than I did! Peter King needs to explain why it's wrong for me to take money from Muslim donors, but OK for him to take even more from the same people.

King has finally realized that he's in serious danger of losing his job as George Bush's "guy in Congress." He's unleashed the Republican smear machine, and they will stop at nothing to win. In order to combat his campaign of fear and division, I need your help! Visit my campaign website to sign up as a volunteer or make a donation to help me combat King's dirty tactics. Together we can fight back and we can win!

Dave Mejias
Democratic candidate for Congress, NY-03

I NEVER run these things from candidates, but King is setting Muslims against Jews in a place where they get along to get reelected. As racist as Nassau County is, and it's the most racist place in the US, King's tactics need to be denounced. There is NOTHING wrong in taking money from Americans of muslim faith, who may have children in the armed forces.

This is despicable in the extreme.

posted by Steve @ 1:32:00 PM

1:32:00 PM

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