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Comments by YACCS
Monday, September 18, 2006

The nexis of the right and the GOP

Retail Politics

John N. Nordstrom
Director, Nordstrom Inc.

Dear John,

Given the terrific success of Nordstrom’s stock over the last five years, I can certainly understand your decision to donate money to Washington State Initiative 920 (I-920) campaign that would repeal the State Estate Death Tax. In fact, I noticed in the most recent Public Disclosure Commission report that you have contributed a total of $75,000 to the I-920 campaign.

Please don’t concern yourself, John, that Nordstrom’s customers will perceive you as a skin-flint tax dodger, or as anti-education just because I-920 will gut State revenue for education. I really believe that once your customer base understands the fine, Christian patriots that have put this campaign together, they will see that you are part of a bigger, more glorious movement.

I am referring, of course, to the fact that the sponsor, campaign manager and chairman for I-920, Mr. Dennis Falk is head of the Washington State John Birch society and part of the Christian Patriot movement, as well.

Since your generous contributions are now part of Mr. Falk’s salary, I think you deserve part of the credit for the resurgence of constitutionalist, survivalist, and militia organizations in Washington State. Indeed, your customers may well view you as an ambassador in the causes of the John Birch society, the Posse Comitatus , the Christian Patriots, and the larger Christian Identity movements .

If I-920 passes, I think you should celebrate by marketing a commemorative line of Christian Identity merchandise in Nordstrom stores all over the country. I’m thinking things like camouflage bibles, “Soldier Jesus” bobble head dolls, and survivalist flasks with tiny metal communion cups. I think they would be a big hit with your new customer base.

Your verily,


My, I would think people would flood Nordstroms with e-mails for supporting the right wing lunatics of the Christian Identity movement.

I would hope they would get in some Gordon Kahl and Order t-shirt. Can't forget the heroes of the past. Blood in the face indeed.

posted by Steve @ 7:13:00 AM

7:13:00 AM

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