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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's not one news story

Who the fuck has this in their
office? Besides a Klansman?

This ran on NRO

The Allen News Spiral

09/26 01:47 AMFrom Salon to AP to the New York Times. Let's see how many Republicans are quick to distance themselves from George Allen based on this kind of reporting. The Left is counting on it. These things can easily spin out-of-control on the Republican side as Republicans are often fearful of being on the wrong side of a perceived breaking scandal. I've seen it over and over again. And watch as they claim the moral high ground when doing so.

In this case, the allegation against Allen is placed before the public eye by a liberal online "news" website. It is then picked up by the Associated Press. Then it spreads to outlets like the New York Times — "two former acquaintances of Senator George Allen said ... in the 1970's and 1980's ...." And no matter how many other acquaintances say otherwise, a few weeks before an election none of that matters. Allen's long public record, which includes reaching out to minority communities as a southern governor and senator, is soon forgotten. What matters are the allegations of two former acquaintances. They are to be believed above all others, and above all evidence of this public man's actions, no matter what......................

This pathetic defense isn't going to cut it. Allen's racial attitudes are bizzare in the extreme. His idolitry of the South is freakish, the kind that people are embarassed by, haunted by.

Understand this: Allen was considered a racist by Virginians in 1972. His racial beliefs offended people who grew up in a state where some towns shut down the public schools for five years because of Brown v Board of Ed. These young men grew up in a segregated world, but Allen's behavior shocked and offended them at a time of high racial tension. It's been downplayed now, but the early 70's had a lot of racial conflict which didn't always make the papers or even the history books.

Yet, despite all that, long before interracial dating and blue NoVA, his conduct, as they say, shocked the conscience of his fellow teammates.

Who in God's name would refer to someone as Wizard because their name is Shelton? Only two kinds of people, ones with a snarky sense of humor or a racist.

I can reach out to anyone to serve my purposes, doesn't mean I respect them. Allen clearly has internalized white supremacy to the point that mentioning his Jewish heritage is an offense. He can't accept it gracefully. He has a lifelong obsession with the Confederacy to the point of embracing racist images. A noose? What decent person would associate themselves with lynch law? What lawyer?

Allen didn't want to just embrace the South, he wanted to embrace the racist part of the South, the part most Southerners shoved to the gutter. I mean, in 1996, he's meeting with White Supremacists.

Boy, I sure as shit wouldn't want to be Del. Benny Lambert right now. He crossed party lines, pissed at Webb, and endorsed Allen. Now it turns out, he may be a hate crime committing racist.

posted by Steve @ 1:00:00 AM

1:00:00 AM

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