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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here we go again

Only shoot the picture of Hillary Clinton,
not the immigrants

GOP Denounces 'Immigrant' Activities
GOP distances itself from activities that encourage students to 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant'

WASHINGTON, Sep. 13, 2006
By WILL LESTER Associated Press Writer
(AP) Republicans on Tuesday distanced themselves from campaign activities that encourage college students to "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" and shoot cardboard cutouts of leading Democrats with a BB gun or paintball gun.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said in a letter to his Republican counterpart, Ken Mehlman, on Tuesday that such activities, reportedly put together by a GOP college organizer, "can only be described as divisive, potentially dangerous and discriminatory."

The Republican National Committee said it had no connection with Morgan Wilkins, the woman accused of organizing the offbeat campaign activities at the University of Michigan. RNC spokesman Brian Jones said "the woman has no affiliation with the Republican National Committee, and we certainly condemn this kind of behavior. It's offensive and there's no place for it." He said news reports she was hired by the RNC are incorrect.

Paul Gourley, chair of the College Republican National Committee, said Wilkins is an independent contractor hired to recruit students to the GOP, but he said the reported activities were not authorized. Wilkins declined to comment Tuesday night.

The events were reported by the University of Michigan newspaper, The Michigan Daily.

The "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" event reportedly allows participants to win prizes for catching others posing as illegal immigrants and a "Fun with Guns" event allows people to shoot cardboard cutouts of top Democrats such as Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry with a BB gun or paintball gun, the newspaper reported.

Gourley is full of shit. The College Republicans love this shit until they get caught. You can find any number of articles with similiar racist themes held by these people.

It's sad that these people, who are lucky enough to go to UM feel the need to hate people who are different than them. No fucking compassion.

posted by Steve @ 12:01:00 AM

12:01:00 AM

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